Andy Dick

Andy Dick has played a major role in comedy for the past few decades. A cast member on the influential sketch comedy show The Ben Stiller Show, Andy went on to perform in the hit sitcom Newsradio and the cult favorite Clone High.

Guest Appearances

History in the Making

Comedy Bang Bang #72September 22, 2010

Have you been waiting to hear Huell Howser explain Inception? Had you not even thought about how great that would be and are now super excited to listen to this episode? Well, don't "pull a plugs" and fast-forward straight to that, because…


Bob Odenkirk's Death Bed

Comedy Bang Bang #16August 14, 2009

Andy Dick and Bob Odenkirk were two of the cast members of the fabulously fabulous Ben Stiller Show, and they're on this episode! They bring in new L.A. resident Chelsea Peretti in for some great improvisation and sketch work, like a Cheaters…

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