Andy Kneis

Comedian, writer, Hollywood Handbook intern, Rob Reiner’s son.

Guest Appearances

Drew Tarver, Our Close Friend

Sean and Hayes are joined by DREW TARVER of Big Grande and Bajillion Dollar Properties to help them and Intern Andy do a new kind of show. This episode is sponsored by Generation Tux ( code: HANDBOOK), MVMT Watches (, and Shari's…


Karen Kilgariff, Our Close Friend

Sean and Hayes demand that Intern Andy tell them how he lost all the donor shout-outs and then got lost himself. Then KAREN KILGARIFF joins the show to discuss her podcast "My Favorite Murder" and help administer a psychopath test for the…


Ross Mathews, Our Close Friend

Sean and Hayes encounter a new Earwolf engineer and talk about the hot new movies Aloha and San Andreas. Then, ROSS MATHEWS comes by the studio to talk about bagel class with Sean, give Intern Andy advice about interning, and answer Popcorn Gallery questions about working for Jay…


Listeners, Our Close Friends

Hollywood Handbook #64December 23, 2014

Sean and Hayes give a generous Christmas gift to all of their listeners by accepting calls from some of them. Topics include the cities where all of them live, the missed opportunity of 12/13/14, the punk legacy of Louis Reed, and Chanson.


Jarrad Paul, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #62December 9, 2014

Hayes and Sean start the show by addressing some of the criticism for the last episode with Pauly Shore in an edition of "Ehh... Wrong!", where intern Andy is back to help the guys fight the online storm. Then, actor, director, screenwriter,…


Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #55October 21, 2014

Sean and Hayes start the show with a discussion on about the book Freakingnomics and how the concepts translate to the world of moviemaking. Then, LAUREN LAPKUS is in the studio to talk about scary dinosaurs, Jurassic spoilers, Ernest, and the difference between books and movie…


Aubrey Plaza, Our Close Friend

Hayes and Sean invite their newest intern, Rob Reiner's son Andy, to tell them the plot of Edge of Tomorrow so they can be ready for meetings before Engineer Sam derails the conversation with a disturbance. Then AUBREY PLAZA joins the show to help…

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