Andy Peters

Andy Peters is a stand-up comedian who enjoys getting to the audience like no other. Along with his typically irreverent topics, he has the skills to go off script and still get the laughs. Fearless and often off-the-cuff, Peters has toured the country performing in both big cities and small towns. He won the Rocky Mountain Laugh-Off, was a Finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition and participated in the San Francisco Comedy Competition, D.C. Comedy Fest, and Boston Comedy Festival. After years as a stand-out in the Seattle comedy scene, Peters now calls Los Angeles his home.

Guest Appearances

The Wahlberg Solution 4

Sklarbro Country #WS04January 8, 2015

After yet another successful year, Mark Wahlberg (Daniel Van Kirk) returns for another edition of The Wahlberg Solution! Recorded LIVE at the new UCB-Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles, Mark Wahlberg welcomes his very famous friends Owen Wilson (Melissa Villasenor), Anne Hathaway (Madeline…


Sklarbro County 134

Sklarbro Country #229.5December 16, 2014

The Sklars start off the show with a recap of Dan Van Kirk's day with Chili’s. Also, Dan shares some of his exclusive Chili’s schwag that he got for Randy and Jason. Then, the gang welcomes to the show comedian Andy Peters,…


Sklarbro County 59

The dulcet tones of Andy Peters is apart of the insanity that is this week’s Sklarbro County! Andy tells us a bit about coming up in the Seattle comedy scene, breaks down the different wrestling eras, and shares how he’s been trying…

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