Angela Trimbur

Angela Trimbur is a delightfully hilarious comedic actress and improviser who you’ve seen on Secret Girlfriend, Reno 911, and Community. If you live in Los Angeles you can see her perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in the sketch group Up Up Up! She received many accolades for her one-woman show TRAPPED! Life As A Homeschooled Jehovah’s Witness. You can see her in the Miranda July movie The Future and on IFC’s The Birthday Boys where she is the unofficial female member of the group.

Guest Appearances

Nail Talk

Who Charted? #299August 24, 2016

Actress, comedian, and dancer Angela Trimbur joins Howard and Kulap for this week's Who Charted. She tells all about the Pistol Shrimps documentary before they jump into the charts with Stereogum's Best 5 Songs of the Week. We hear about Angela's misophonia…



Jesse Thomas takes on Angela ’Swaggy Trim’ Trimbur in Round 4 of Pistol Shrimps Radio: Summer Masters Mini-Golf Tournament. Coach Vanger, Coach Biz, and Caddy Jerry tag along. The Shrimps on Twitter: @pistolshrimpsbb The Shrimps on Instagram: @thepistolshrimps Pistol Shrimps Radio on…


Realies and Fictionals

Comedy Bang Bang #379October 5, 2015

Alia Shawkat, Angela Trimbur, and Adam DeVine stop by to give Scott and intern Gino a behind the scenes look into their new Horror Comedy film The Final Girls on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! We'll find out what it's like to…


Murder Sex

What a crazy episode we have for you today! I'm not going to give you a full play-by-play lest I mispronounce anyone's name, but this episode is stuffed to the rafters with pot brownies, pubic hair and so much more. Drew, Allan,…

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