Anna Rubanova

Anna Rubanova is an improviser on the team Sandino, a writer for Beta team The Punch and founding member of Left Handed Radio, the best podcast ever.She spends a lot of time writing and directing sketches, editing audio, coaching improv, playing with her camera, questioning her life’s decisions and occasionally appearing on television. Besides writing comedy for a living, Anna hopes to one day be a voice on a cartoon – or maybe even a scientist! She’s actually been in a few short cartoons already but has yet to discover the formula that converts Rock ‘n’ Roll into medicine.Some day…

Guest Appearances

John Dowd and Maureen Dowd Aren't Related (w/ Anna Rubanova, Adam Bozarth)

Private: Hard Nation #91December 27, 2017

Hope...get the machine! New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd (Anna Rubanova) and Trump administration lawyer John Dowd (Adam Bozarth) were accidentally booked together on this week’s Hard Nation. Maureen remembers the time she ate a whole pot chocolate bar, John is covered…


The Grimm Life: Fairy Tales With a Modern Twist

Earwolf Presents #61October 12, 2016

TO HEAR MORE EPISODES OF THE GRIMM LIFE GO TO HOWL.FM AND USE PROMO CODE GRIMM AT CHECKOUT. Join the Sisters Grimm (Siobhan Thompson and Anna Rubanova) as they bring you stories on a familiar theme with a magical twist. Modeled after…


LIVE from DCM 15 Pt. 2

improv4humans #97September 5, 2013

Recorded LIVE from the 15th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York is part 2 of an epic improv4humans featuring an amazing roster of improvisers that include Mike Delaney, Anthony Atamanuik, Kassia Miller, Matt Dennie, Anna Rubanova, Charlie Todd, Ari Voukydis, Gavin Speiller, Molly…

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