April Richardson

April is a stand-up comedian hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. You may know April from her regular stints on the Chelsea Lately roundtable, or from her hilarious Twitter account @Apey.

Guest Appearances

April Richardson

Never Not Funny #2312October 31, 2018

Going abroad with April Richardson. This episode is brought to you by The Jim Jeffries Show, Away (www.awaytravel.com/pardo code: PARDO), LightStream (www.lightstream.com/PARDO), and Quip (www.getquip.com/PARDO).


Saved By The Bell (w/ April Richardson and Derek Barry)

Raised By TV #21August 14, 2018

Lapkus & Gabrus are live from LA’s Saved By The Max restaurant, and they’re joined by Saved By The Bell superfan April Richardson (Go Bayside)! They talk about why SBTB was perfect for young comedy nerds, the weirdness of high school students…


Monster with April Richardson

Comedian April Richardson joins Adam Scott Aukerman to discuss R.E.M.’s ninth studio album Monster. They’ll talk about when April first heard the band, meeting Mike Mills by going to his house, and her Top 10 R.E.M. songs. Plus, Scott and Scott talk…


April Richardson

Get Up On This #300June 13, 2017

April Richardson joins Jensen and Matty for the 300th episode of Get Up On This! They talk about Morrissey’s recent rant, “Not Enough” ft. THEY. by Lido, The Long Blondes, Huck, how we were late on Fargo season 3, and many more…


The 80s: Our Most Bizarre Decade (Is Happening Again)

The Cracked Podcast #159January 2, 2017

Name the year: a new Star War is killing it at the box office, Russia and the US are having a staring contest and a madman driven by the power of celebrity is elected President. Yes, it's looking very much like we're…


Stomp out the Stompers

Who Charted? #277March 23, 2016

​Director Lance Bangs and comedian Clare O'Kane join Howard and guest co-host April Richardson on Who Charted. During the Billboard's Hot 100 chart, Howard and Lance discuss trying to solve the case of Howard's stolen car. The top 5 prime broadcast shows…


Sklarbro County 136

Sklarbro Country #231.5December 30, 2014

Randy and Jason welcome to the show April Richardson, who travels down memory lane over starting out in stand up and what is was like watching the Atlanta Braves be phenomenal. Then, Dan Van Kirk deliberates over the world we live in when he…


Book Club: Wolf In White Van

Private: Reading Aloud #3November 28, 2014

Nate welcomes his panel of friends Paul Scheer, April Richardson, and John Ross Bowie to break down John Darnielle's "Wolf In White Van" in the very first Book Club episode of Reading Aloud! They’ll discuss using a kindle vs. a physical book,…


Doughnut Agree

Who Charted? #173March 26, 2014

Special guest co-host April Richardson is back along with Nerd of Mouth's Mike Lawrence on this week’s WHO CHARTED! The Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs inspires them to talk about Legos, gay Metal dudes, and the sadness of showbiz. Then, they get into…



Who Charted? #142August 21, 2013

It’s the return of guest co-host April Richardson and The Bone Zone’s Brendon Walsh on this week’s WHO CHARTED! The Billboard Canadian Hot 100 Chart inspires them to talk about molly, dieting, and why they can’t take anymore of fake reality shows.…


Boring Kanye West

Who Charted? #139July 31, 2013

The lovely April Richardson fills in for Kulap to help count down the charts with Howard and Earwolf's own Matt Besser on this week's very special Who Charted! The songs of the summah are discussed, including a breakdown of the potentially "rape-y"…

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