Barbara Gray

Barbara Gray is a comedian, writer, and podcast host of the Lady to Lady podcast.

Guest Appearances

Oops!, I Scammed You Again: The Britney Spears' Conservatorship (w/ Tess Barker, Babs Gray)

Scam Goddess #106October 4, 2021

What's poppin con-gregation?This week, comedians Tess Barker and Babs Gray, hosts of the Toxic:The Britney Spears Story podcast, discuss the scam that is the Britney Spears' Conservatorship. Plus, a Danish museum is duped by a concept artist, who literally took the money and ran! Research By…


The Golden Rule Of Podcasting (w/ Babs Gray)

Spanish Aquí Presents #114September 13, 2021

The SAP crew discusses the positive and negative sides of fandom. Later on, Babs Gray talks about the evolution of her podcast ‘Toxic: The Britney Spears Story.’ She also shares the deets on her new comedy album and tips on how to…


Musical Tattoo

Who Charted? #402August 21, 2018

Comedian Barbara Gray (Britney’s Gram) joins Howard this week to find out just what Cardi B’s deal is with cereal! They’ll pay tribute to Aretha and dig in to the subtext beneath Pete Davidson’s tattoos while counting down the Top 5 Songs…


Ripping & Ghosting, A Bi-Declaration, and Miss Dixietoilet w/ Barbara Gray

Homophilia #31March 9, 2018

Comedian, writer and podcastress Barbara Gray [] (Lady to Lady [], Britney's Gram []) joins Matt & Dave this week to talk all about being bi, the Backstreet Boys, and of course Britney. Plus declaring your sexuality, the "leave behind", a painful story where the…


Barbara Gray: Hamilton With Strangers

Comedian and writer Barbara Gray (Lady to Lady) was so determined to see Hamilton that she stood outside the theater in Chicago with a sign that said "Need A Ticket."  Her makeshift plan worked and she managed to score a free ticket…

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