Ben Joseph

Ben Joseph is a writer. Ben has worked at College Humor, and has written an episode of The Simpsons.

Guest Appearances

15 Great Movie & TV Moments (Caused By Budget Problems)

You can have too much money. (Not YOU specifically -- you are a valued listener and deserve Scrooge McDuckian riches.) The world’s movie studios, TV networks, and other visual-fun production companies think they need an infinite budget to make the next 'Star…


12 TV Cancellations That Caused Horrifying Cliffhangers

The Cracked Podcast #283March 17, 2019

Novelists are a little bit invincible. Oh sure, it’s hard to write a book, and you are required to stop writing your book if you die. But barring that untimely demise, you can to see your novel through to the bitter end…

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