Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz is more than just Jean-Ralphio, as much as it might pain some of the ladies out there. Before breaking hearts in the Snakehole Lounge he was killing it in New York City performing with Hot Sauce Academy and freelancing jokes for The Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live. He recently starred in Peep World where he unfortunately didn’t rap or hit on April Ludgate. Also, and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, he plays Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation.

Guest Appearances

Hot Sauce Reunion

Comedy Bang Bang #759May 29, 2022

Ben Schwartz, Adam Pally, and Gil Ozeri of the legendary sketch/improv group Hot Sauce join Scott for another backyard era episode! They talk about sabotaging pitch meetings, the memorable van trip to the Montreal Comedy Festival, and their version of House of…


Pricele$$ Memories (w/ Ben Schwartz) - Re-Release

Actor, improviser and voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, Ben Schwartz joins Michelle Collins for this episode from the Midnight Snack archive! They talk big purchases after big breaks, fear of failure, comedy venues post-pandemic, the trauma of Howard the Duck, and the…


Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog) joins Andy Richter to talk about getting started in comedy, freelance joke writing for Letterman and Weekend Update, having a strong work ethic and more.


Three Doctors…Oh No

Comedy Bang Bang #738January 2, 2022

Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S joins Scott for the first CBB episode of 2022! Ben and Scott chat about The Afterparty on Apple TV+, famous movie lines, and New Year’s Resolutions. Then, celebrity therapist Dr. Yvette Victor stops by to…


Solo Bolo Hallowolo

Comedy Bang Bang #730October 27, 2021

Ben Schwartz and Scott are back at it with another long-awaited Solo Bolo, and this time: it’s spooky! Expect songs galore as they discuss all things Halloween, drop brand new ’sclusies, test each other’s knowledge of famous movie quotes, and try to work…


Full Grown Grogu

Comedy Bang Bang #687January 3, 2021

Ben Schwartz and Horatio Sanz join Scott for the annual tradition of starting off the New Year on Comedy Bang! Bang! They talk about weird childhood food, big plans for 2021, and exclusive spoilers for The Mandalorian & Sonic the Hedgehog. Then,…


Space Forts, Baby!

Comedy Bang Bang #657May 24, 2020

Ben Schwartz and Tawny Newsome join Scott to talk about their new Netflix show “Space Force” and to hold an audition for She-Hulk. Then, publicist Seth Berkowitz returns to talk about his new venture with Zoom. Plus, Zoo custodians Genevieve and Genzer…


Pirates Never Lie

Comedy Bang Bang #651April 19, 2020

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz join Scott to talk about their new long-form improv Netflix specials “Middleditch and Schwartz,” recommend some videos you should watch, and guess abstract quotes from real movies. Then, seaman Captain Littlemember and his first mate Squawks stop…


Solo Bolo Sonicolo

Comedy Bang Bang #640February 12, 2020

Ben Schwartz and Scott are back together for another long-awaited Solo Bolo! Expect singing as they chat about Ben’s original Sonic voice for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, working with Billy Crystal on the movie Standing Up, Falling Down, and play a…


Forky On Top, Porky On The Bottom

Comedy Bang Bang #633January 5, 2020

Ben Schwartz and Horatio Sanz join Scott for the annual tradition of ringing in the New Year on Comedy Bang! Bang! They talk about Horatio’s experience shooting The Mandalorian and all of Ben’s upcoming projects. Then, music collector Piggy Sorebacks stops by…


10th Anniversary Part 2

Comedy Bang Bang #599.5April 28, 2019

Scott Aukerman celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Comedy Bang! Bang! by implementing a true open door policy and welcomes fan favorite guests of the show over the last 10 years! Part Two Featuring: Thomas Middleditch Adam Scott Chelsea Peretti Nick Kroll Drew…


Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz

Actors, comedians, and improvisers Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz feel both sizzlin’ and curious about being Conan O’Brien’s friends. Thomas and Ben sit down with Conan this week to talk about their two-man improvised show (plus Conan’s own improv history), playing off…


The Best of Meta Vol. 1

improv4humans #381February 6, 2019

Please enjoy volume one of the all-time best i4h scenes about improv, Matt Besser, Earwolf, and all things meta! This compilation features amazing performances by Tim Meadows, Joe Wengert, John Gemberling, Zach Woods, Colton Dunn, Charlie Sanders, Sean Conroy, Billy Merritt, Paul…


Legend of Mr. Met

Comedy Bang Bang #580January 6, 2019

Ben Schwartz and Horatio Sanz join Scott to ring in the New Year and share what they want to achieve in 2019. Then, professional baseball player Johnny Salese stops by to share the story of the birth of Mr. Met. Later, storyteller…


1-800 Jingles

Comedy Bang Bang #560August 12, 2018

Ben Schwartz of Solo Bolo fame joins Scott to talk about his new film Blue Iguana, which commercial would make a great movie, and the last album they bought physically. Then, Phil Shorts the Puzzle Master and Hypnoto the Mesmerist stop by…


Is That A Joke?

Comedy Bang Bang #541April 15, 2018

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz aka Middleditch and Schwartz join Scott to talk about wanting standing ovations for their upcoming live tour, their dream SNL casts, and whether they would shave their head for a role. Later, professional hooker Leonard Stooltap arrives…


Superman Cleanse

Who Charted? #374February 7, 2018

Actor, writer, and improviser Ben Schwartz returns to Who Charted this week to discuss everything from friendship lists to war stories! Ben gives the scoop on his role alongside Billy Crystal in the new film "We Are Unsatisfied" while helping Howard and Kulap count…


Air Lift Me Out

Comedy Bang Bang #526January 8, 2018

Ben Schwartz & Horatio Sanz continue the New Year tradition as they join Scott for the first episode of 2018 to talk about the new Star Wars, the story behind Horatio’s nick name, and whether or not they believe in ghosts. Then,…


Solo Bolo Cincolo

Comedy Bang Bang #516October 26, 2017

Just when you thought it was a no go, the Solo Bolo is back for a part Cincolo! The one and only Ben Schwartz returns to chat one on one with Scott about Duck Tales, embarrassing pictures, guitar solos, and more as…


Saffron Surprise

improv4humans #307September 7, 2017

Ben Schwartz, Brian Huskey, and Lou Wilson join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform scenes about a father dealing with overly sarcastic children, ice cream scam artists, and super-boners during math class. Plus, Ben confronts the entire neighborhood about picking up…


Tight Tort

Comedy Bang Bang #473February 27, 2017

Ben Schwartz aka the Elegant Mr. S and Thomas Middleditch aka star of Silicon Valley join Scott this week to make up a rap that is surely to become a number one hit! They also play To Tell The Truth as we…


Ben Schwartz and Kyle Bornheimer

Another audio-only episode with guests Ben Schwartz and Kyle Bornheimer. From Diego Luna's tiny hips to Katherine Ross's religion-changing lips, not to mention... "Keith?" Oh, and Bill Clinton leaves voice mails for Trump - NO comedy stones are left unturned!


A Ton More Sexy

Comedy Bang Bang #464January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Ben Schwartz & Horatio Sanz aka the New Year Bros. are back! Ben, Horatio, and Scott meet Gringo Starr, make songs a little more sexy, and share their New Year’s resolutions. Then, author Shelly Driftwood returns to tell us…


Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

Comedy Bang Bang #458November 17, 2016

Welcome to the Solo Bolo Cuatrolo in the Holo! The indominable Ben Schwartz returns for a frothy early morning SOLO BOLO.  He and Scott chat about childhood gymnastics, ghost buttholes, and getting midnight grabbed by an alien. Then they play the Olympic…


LIVE from DCM 18

improv4humans #246June 30, 2016

Live from the 18th annual Del Close Marathon in New York comes this week's episode of improv4humans! Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, John Gemberling, and Ben Schwartz join Matt Besser for a historic live recording where we'll hear scenes about peeing on your…


Schwartz & Schwarts

Comedy Bang Bang #426June 6, 2016

Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S & Horatio Sanz are back baby! Ben, Horatio, and Scott talk about the finale of House of Lies aka House of Pies, chat with Ben's family and sing a montage of Billy Joel songs. Plus,…


LIVE at SXSW 2016

Comedy Bang Bang #408March 17, 2016

Intern Gino Lambardo tags along with Scott for a LIVE Comedy Bang! Bang! recorded at Esther's Follies in Austin, Texas as part of South by Southwest 2016! Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S stops by to chat about the greatest deleted…


Solo Bolo Trolo

Comedy Bang Bang #402February 18, 2016

The bolo gets trollo'ed once again! Ben Schwartz aka The Elegant Mr. S of House of Pies reunites with Scott for a SOLO BOLO episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They'll talk Hamilton, sneakers, and most importantly sing their little hearts out. It's…


Peanuts Awareness

Comedy Bang Bang #393January 4, 2016

House of Pies star Ben Schwartz and SNL alum Horatio Sanz keep the CBB tradition alive as they help Scott ring in the new year! Ben tells us about being a Star Wars: Force Awakens voice over consultant for BB-8, Horatio shares…


Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz aka Jean-Ralphio of Parks and Recreation aka Clyde Oberholt of House of Lies joins Franklin for an in-depth conversation about how he became a writer. Ben tells us about his early days of submitting jokes to Late Night with David…


Ben Schwartz

Happy Sad Confused #78September 28, 2015

Mr. Ben Schwartz of House of Lies and Parks and Recreation joins Josh this week to test his coordination, talk about his role in the new Robert Zemeckis film The Walk, doing improv with actors who have never done it before onstage…


Benny and The Jerks

Long time friend, and second time guest (episode 3) Ben Schwartz (, Parks and Recreation R.I.P.), returns to discuss brand new topics with Horatio and Chad including his appearance on Letterman, his European vacation and how Oreo cookies were invented. Ben takes us…


Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

Comedy Bang Bang #354June 4, 2015

One year ago, Ben Schwartz aka Benny Schwaz of Liar House joined Scott for a very special SOLO BOLO episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! and now it’s happening again! Expect characters, lip synch battles, and of course singing between bros. So sit…


Ben Schwartz: Second Chances with Donald Faulter

Welcome back to Second Chances with Donald Faulter (Ben Schwartz), the show in which you can reach those in the afterlife including loved ones, historical figures, and celebrities. On the 1000th episode, Donald is joined by yogurt contest winner and famous acrobat…


The First Ever Very Special Secular February Christmas Episode

Ben Schwartz and Horatio share stories of working and playing in New York City and for some reason decide to call Samm Levine. This episode features the debut of The Hooray Line! Prior to Christmas, Horatio and Chad posted a phone number…


Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

Comedy Bang Bang #327January 5, 2015

House of Pies star Ben Schwartz aka Benny Schwaz & Saturday Night Pies alum Horatio Sanz are back to kick off the new year on Comedy Bing Bong! Everyone chats about Scott’s time working at Disneyland, Horatio dressing like Captain Crunch for…


Tig Notaro, Zach Galifianakis, Lauren Ash, Ben Schwartz - PCAT14

Never Not Funny #15XmasDecember 24, 2014

Good tidings to you! Here are four select segments from our recent live-stream charity event Pardcast-a-thon 2014, featuring Tig Notaro, Zach Galifianakis, Lauren Ash and Ben Schwartz. The full 13-hour show is available for purchase at -- includes video + audio…


Gumbo Challenge

Comedy Bang Bang #313September 29, 2014

Ben Schwartz aka Benny Schwaz of House of Pies is here along with musical guest Paul Banks of Interpol on this week’s musical episode of Comedy Bing Bong! They talk about Interpol’s new album El Pintor and good heckles for bands before…


Shoehorn A Shoehorn Story

improv4humans #150September 4, 2014

Ben Schwartz, Gil Ozeri, and Mookie Blaiklock audition to be Disneyland characters on this week's improv4humans with Matt Besser! They also get notes for their clothing choices when they perform onstage, explore the life of the refuser, and Gil shares his world-renowned…


Ben Schwartz

Never Not Funny #1502August 14, 2014

Playing the game with Ben Schwartz.   This episode is sponsored by:   Naturebox: Go to to save 50% on your first box of delicious snacks.


Solo Bolo

You asked for it and now you've got it! Ben Schwartz aka Benny Schwaz of House of Pies is here for a SOLO BOLO episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! What can you expect from a Solo Bolo? Tons of singing, classic impressions,…



Comedy Bang Bang #263January 6, 2014

House of Pies star Ben Schwartz aka Benny Schwaz is here to share his new year's resolutions on another edition of Comedy Bing Bang Theory! After some wonderful duets, Coco Marx (Groucho Marx’s grandson) returns to tell us about his past in…


Ben Schwartz, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #12December 24, 2013

Sean and Hayes talk about the perfect gift to give your assistant this holiday season and reward the new engineer for surprising them. Then, TV and film star BEN SCHWARTZ joins the guys to give us a little insight on some of…


LIVE w/ Ben Schwartz & Mark Feuerstein

Ronna & Beverly #60August 16, 2013

Once again it’s time for a special Ronna and Beverly episode recorded Live at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles! The elegant Ben Schwartz stops by to give Ronna & Beverly a quiz on who was cast in his first pilot,…


Two Thumbs & Not Much Else

Comedy Bang Bang #229July 8, 2013

Ben Schwartz and director extraordinaire Werner Herzog both return to the studio on today's Comedy Bang Bang! Scott shares his enthusiasm for season two of the Comedy Bang Bang TV series, which premieres on IFC this Friday July 12th, and Ben and Scott…


Sneak In Tips

Who Charted? #134June 26, 2013

The always hilarious Ben Schwartz returns to the studio to ring in the Summah on this weeks WHO CHARTED! Howard recaps his day at Warped Tour and announces the long-awaited release of his new album HAVE ANOTHAH SUMMAH before he and Kulap count…


Bonus Cut: Getting Gronk

improv4humans #79.5May 7, 2013

Horatio Sanz, Ben Schwartz, and Lauren Lapkus join Matt Besser for a bonus improvised scene inspired by the drunk shenanigans of professional athletes. Pick up Matt Besser’s new comedy album “Woo Pig Sooie: Comedy for Atheists” at and Dragoon’s new album…


Psychedelic Sign Twirling

improv4humans #79May 2, 2013

Horatio Sanz, Ben Schwartz, and Lauren Lapkus joined Matt Besser for another amazing livestreamed episode of improv4humans! Listen as they hear from some humans to inspire scenes that involve recording a dating service video, awful smelling library books, and drug tests. Check…


Sklarbro County 42

Sklarbro Country #137.5March 12, 2013

We pull Parks and Rec’s Ben Schwartz from the country and bring him into the world of Sklarbro County! Ben talks about having a tough time watching basketball games in real time, filming an episode of House of Lies in a real…



Comedy Bang Bang #192January 7, 2013

Fan favorite and “House of Pies” star Ben Schwartz tells us about his plans for the new year on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Ben & Scott recall performing together in Ben’s improv show “Snowpants,” recreate Ben’s favorite Bane sketch, and talk about…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 2

improv4humans #56November 29, 2012

Once again we asked YOU which were some of your favorite scenes from the past episodes of improv4humans and we put together volume 2 of this special collection of improvised scenes. Listen to an all star cast of improvisers create scenes based…


Live from RIOT LA

improv4humans #53November 8, 2012

Recorded LIVE from the Smell during the RIOT LA Comedy Festival is an improv4humans that will make you believe in magic! Horatio Sanz, Jon Daly, Ben Schwartz, and Ian Roberts cover everything from Hitler mustaches, dueling Bill Cosbys, and the Borat epidemic.…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 1

improv4humans #45September 20, 2012

We took to the Earwolf Forums and asked YOU which were the best scenes in the past episodes of improv4humans and had so many to choose from that we split them into two very special sampler episodes. Enjoy this pu-pu platter of…


Clifton Was Here

Comedy Bang Bang #164June 25, 2012

International Singing Sensation Tony Clifton, joined by Cliftonettes Maxim and Phoenix, tells exclusive stories about Andy Kaufman, Jim Carrey, and Nicolas Cage, as well as cracking some off-color jokes. Plus, "House of Pies" star Ben Schwartz competes head-to-head against Scott in a…


Ben Schwartz

Ben is a great actor who you know from Parks & Rec and House of Lies. This guy can crack wise.


Climbing the Ladder

Comedy Bang Bang #146February 27, 2012

Sorry you guys, but we did NOT get Ice Ben Schwartz or Ice Reggie Watts for the podcast this week. You'll have to settle for their American doppelgangers who join the world-famous Scottabot and the legendary Bjork for a sexy, funny, sexy,…


Living On A Edge

Sklarbro Country #83February 24, 2012

Living On A Edge! Ben Schwartz just might be the Jeremy Lin of comedy: He comes from humble beginnings, he's worked super hard to get where he is now, and he is absolutely killing it right now! Writing movies, stealing scenes on…


Ego Vs. Nature

improv4humans #13February 9, 2012

Look, I don't want to be confrontational but you should probably listen to improv4humans this week. Our guests are Jill Donnelly, Charlie Sanders, and Ben Schwartz and they'll teach you a thing or two about antisemitism and car repair. It's more pleasant than…



improv4humans #6December 15, 2011

This week on improv4humans we take you to the dark world of dumpster diving hobos, unsanitary restaurants, pathological liars, and confrontational assholes. Our tour guides on this trip are Danielle Schneider, Ben Schwartz and Alex Fernie. As always, follow @MattBesser to tweet your suggestions and visit Bobby…


Bride of Chucky

Comedy Bang Bang #134December 5, 2011

This week's Comedy Bang Bang serves as a forum to learn about show business from some of the industry's biggest names. From Kevin Nealon auditioning for Cheers to Ben Schwartz freelancing for Saturday Night Live, you'll have an earful of exclusive knowledge before you…


Pop Quiz

Who Charted? #49November 9, 2011

Okay, it's quiz time: Who has made it big on Parks and Recreation, written movie scripts for major studios, won an Emmy for writing the Oscars, and had a starring role in a movie? That's right, the answer is Ben Schwartz who…


Dip Didda Dip Dow!

Comedy Bang Bang #94February 28, 2011

After months upon months of asking, Scott finally receives an answer to the all important question "What's Up Hot Dog?" He also receives the answer to the less important questions "What is Hot Dog's favorite band?" and "How does Hot Dog feel…


Introducing Huell Howser

Comedy Bang Bang #29November 13, 2009

Fan favorite (well, at least this fan's favorite) Ben Schwartz makes his first appearance, and we're lucky he and Chip Pope were there. You see, public television host Huell Howser came in James Adomian's stead and boy did he have a lot…

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