Bert Kreischer

Albert “Bert” “The Machine” Kreischer is an stand-up, actor and reality television host.  In 1997, as a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, he was featured in Rolling Stone as “the top partier” at Florida State University, the “top party school in the US”, while he was in his sixth year of college.

He’s the wildest person we’ve ever had in the Earwolf offices.

Guest Appearances

Fat Guy In Foam

Sklarbro Country #199May 16, 2014

Life of the Sklar-ty, BERT KREISCHER, turns the cooling waters of Sklarbro Country into tidal waves in this week's action packed episode.  The original Van Wilder talks about Heli-Sking in Interlochen, partying with Johnny Knoxville back in 1997, and working on his…

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