Bill Kottkamp

Bill Kottkamp is an actor and producer.

Guest Appearances

T-t-t-turn On The Hose

Who Charted? #409October 9, 2018

Actor, producer, and #SquatMelt steady Bill Kottkamp joins Howard, Kev and Summah Sam for another Who Charted! They’ll swap squatting strats and show off a new Footloose beat as they count down iTunes’ Top 5 Electronic Songs. Plus, the crew finds out…


Millennial Love

How To Be Less Old #72March 15, 2016

Love birds Mary Neely and Bill Kottkamp join Deanna & Emily this week to speak on their lovely relationship filled with romantic surprises, gender discussions, romantic paranoia, and non-stop gazing.


Grandma Versace

How To Be Less Old #5December 2, 2014

You're in for something special as Deanna & Emily talk to actor/comedian/American treasure Bill Kottkamp about grandma versace, his #ViralSpecial, and the origin of memes. Bill also shares how he feels like he's both a lady & a gentleman, his joke writing…

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