Brett Rader

Brett Rader

Brett Rader is an Audio Producer at Cracked. He produces The Cracked Podcast​, Cracked Movie Club, Cracked Gets Personal and Kurt Vonneguys.

Guest Appearances

10 Revolutionary TV Shows That Almost Happened

The Cracked Podcast #211November 13, 2017

Remember the LOST pilot? It was basically an incredible JJ Abrams movie with plane crashes, polar bears, and dreamy Matthew Fox. If only that first episode aired-- it would've been a cult phenomenon-- an all-time pop-culture "what-if?" But instead we got LOST--…


15 Myths & Urban Legends That Deserve Modern Horror Movies

The Cracked Podcast #208October 23, 2017

Aside from a couple original standouts, horror movies seem to trot out the same 5 or 6 monsters/killers/haunted board games each year. It's The Fourth Life-Partner of Chucky (they're not putting labels on things). Saw 3.14: Circular Saw! Oui-3: Revenge of the…


Which City is the Number 1 Movie Setting of All-Time?

The Cracked Podcast #206October 9, 2017

New York. Paris. Tokyo. Miami. Even if you've never been to these cities (and sometimes, even if you have) the visions that come rushing to your mind at the mere mention of their names are images from movies. Woody Allen and Diane…


15 Real Science Stories That Would Make Great Sci-Fi Movies

The Cracked Podcast #203September 18, 2017

If you're a movie fan in 2017, you're hard pressed to find many original sci-fi films. There are a lot more Alien: Covenants and Blade Runner: 2 0 49s than Ex Machinas. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just sometimes sci-fi fans…


How Would You Adjust If The Internet Just Went Away?

All the hip young kids are using a thing called the internet these days. In fact, if you're reading this summary or listening to this episode, odds are you're using the internet right now. But what if it all just went away? No podcasts, no turn-by-turn…


Why Millennials Are The New ​Greatest Generation​​

The script is different but the wording is always roughly the same. Every few months some retiring journalist, former tech-mogul or aspiring Tomi Lahren-type goes viral because they've had it up to *here* with these gosh darn millennials. Between their clamoring for…


Marketing Lies You've Been Duped Into Believing

The Cracked Podcast #173March 27, 2017

We all know consciously to take advertising with a grain of salt. Those McDonald's burgers can't look as manicured in person the way they do in the ads. Examples like that are easy to catch. It's harder to spot false advertising when companies…


Cracked's 2017 Fake Oscar Awards

The Cracked Podcast #167February 20, 2017

Who can forget the classic Oscars showdown between 'The Artist' and, uh, 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close'? Most of us can and did, in fact. Great job, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! Way to keep your fingers on the pulse…

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