Brian Gattas

Brian Gattas is an actor and comedian who you may recognize from a myriad of projects. For movies we have Somewhere, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Bubble Boy, and Stick It (among others). For television it ranges from Will & Grace to Kath & Kim to Brothers & Sisters and even a few shows that don’t have ampersands in the title! He also performs live at the iO West and has a bunch of hilarious videos online for you to enjoy.

Guest Appearances

McNuggets and Catalina

Glitter in the Garbage #41September 15, 2011

Good news guys! Drew watches Dance Moms! We open this episode with an ode to the best young-adult-dance-themed-reality-show on television (with a nice cameo from Earwolf co-founder Jeff Ullrich). It goes crazy from there as Drew, Brian, and Dana escape to a…

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