Brian Koppelman

Brian Koppelman is an American filmmaker, essayist, podcaster, former music business executive and record producer.

Guest Appearances

How Do You Use Your Time Efficiently?

Question of the Day #98March 10, 2016

How do our polymath hosts - including guest Brian Koppelman - use their time efficiently while juggling multiple ventures and family? On today's discussion, you'll hear discourse about forming productive habits, creating appropriate work mindsets, scheduling non-work time, and receive advice that…


What If Your Uber Driver Is Less Than 'Uber'?

What's the best way to handle 'sharing economy' vendors, such as Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts, who aren't providing their services as advertised? On today's episode, Stephen, James, and guest host Brian Koppelman work to find a common ground on how to…


What Happens in the Writers' Room of a Hit TV Show?

How does a TV show script get transformed from multiple writers' ideas into a cohesive episode? Our guest expert Brian Koppelman – a co-creator, writer, and showrunner for the Showtime series 'Billions' – gives James and Stephen insight into how the show…


Brian Koppelman, Screenwriter/Producer/Essayist

The Wolf Den #96January 7, 2016

Brian Koppelman believes people who accomplish remarkable things do something differently than most other. The screenwriter, producer and essayist thinks they marshall the best of themselves in the low moments, as well as the high ones. Learning about these moments is what…

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