Brian Moylan

Brian Moylan is a writer and Real Housewives anthropologist and recaps Real Housewives for Vulture.

Guest Appearances

Live from NY Vulture Festival (w/ Brian J. Moylan)

Casey and Danielle are live from vulture fest in New York City with very special corespondent Brian J. Moylan (who does the Housewives recaps for NYMag) and appearances by Meg Allan Cole and Nicole Shabti. We discuss brown and yellow ice, Southerns…


Hong Kong Fireworks (w/ Brian J. Moylan, Adam Pally)

On today's podcast Casey and Danielle are joined by President and Founder of the Real Housewives institute Brian J. Moylan to discuss junk boats and junk humans. They also try to get to the bottom of Phaedras vacation wear and Erica Jaynes…


Bye, Bye Beadors: Live from Largo (w/ Brian Moylan, Deanna Cheng)

Join Casey and Danielle for a live show at Largo that goes deep and gets dark... or DANK. The girls rock out to LOCK, read a┬átext exchange known as "Ghost Post" and try to comprehend the boots on the ground. With special…

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