Bridgett Greenberg

Bridgett Greenberg

Bridgett Greenberg is the Associate Producer for

Guest Appearances

Sixteen Candles

Cracked Movie Club #19November 9, 2017

John Hughes month continues on Cracked Movie Club! In 1984, after writing a string of successful comedies, Hughes made his directorial debut with Sixteen Candles, which launched the careers of 80s it-girl Molly Ringwald, John and Joan Cusack, and that weird guy…


They Live

Cracked Movie Club #15October 12, 2017

As the 1980s drew to a close, John Carpenter released They Live, an indictment of Reagan-era politics, a sharp critique of the economic disparity in America, and also a movie about Rowdy Roddy Piper wearing a pair of magic sunglasses. On this week’s…


The Dark Knight Trilogy

Cracked Movie Club #9August 31, 2017

Christopher Nolan month concludes on Cracked Movie Club! In the mid-2000s, Christopher Nolan resurrected a Batman film franchise that had lain dormant since 1997’s Batman and Robin, a movie bad enough to kill any superhero forever. Nolan’s idea of a Batman “grounded…

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