Brody Stevens

Brody Stevens is a one-of-a-kind performer bubbling with positive energy. After playing Division-1 baseball in college Brody discovered his talent for comedy and has been doing it ever since. Brody is quite an accomplished television warm-up comic. His warm-up resume includes The Best Damn Sports Show, The Man Show, Late World with Zach Galifianakis, Chelsea Lately and more. Brody found a national audience with his role in The Hangover and will continue to bring positive energy wherever he goes.

Guest Appearances

Cram War

Who Charted? #422January 8, 2019

Comedian and chart captain Steven Brody Stevens joins Howard and Young Kev to dissect the modern comedy special on a brand new Who Charted! Brody helps count down Shazam’s Top 5 Songs while he and Howard plan a trip down under and…


Small Part Of A Large Miracle

Who Charted? #413November 6, 2018

Comedian and friend of the show Steven Brody Stevens joins Howard, Brett and Kev to take in that new equipment smell on this week’s Who Charted! Howard and Brody get stoked for their upcoming podcast Laurel Canyon Connection and find creative ways…


Fall Out Boy of Comedy

Who Charted? #405September 11, 2018

Comedian and Prince of Periscope Steven Brody Stevens gets his singing style back on this week’s Who Charted?! Brody shares details of life on the road with David Spade while helping Howard and the Whooch crew count down the Top 5 Rock…


The Slendermans

Who Charted? #401August 14, 2018

Comedian Nate Craig joins Howard and co-host Steven Brody Stevens for this week’s Who Charted! They’ll dig into the importance of #401 in baseball and deal with an epidemic while counting down the Top 5 Songs on iTunes. Plus, we’ll hear about…


Buncha Zepp

Who Charted? #399July 31, 2018

Legendary comedian, editor, and Squatmelt fav DJ Douggpound joins Howard and co-host Steven Brody Stevens to catch up ‘round the scene on another Who Charted! They get nostalgic for cereal and brush up on their Twisted Sister history while counting down the…


Squat Fourth

Who Charted? #395July 3, 2018

Comedian and Prince of Periscope Steven Brody Stevens joins Howard, Stard and Young Kev to party while momma’s out of town! They stay natural with their supplements while counting down the Top 5 Selling Songs on iTunes. Then, we get the lowdown…


Remembering Prince with a Prince

Who Charted? #282April 27, 2016

Brody Stevens, comedian and the Prince of Periscope, joins Howard and Brett for a special tribute episode to Prince. Howard and Brody debate what year "Erotic City" was released and reflect on listening to the prolific musician back in the day during…


A Positive New Year

Who Charted? #266January 6, 2016

Happy New Year Chartists! Howard and guest co-host Ele "Ku" Woods welcome the return of the Prince of Periscope, Steven Brody Stevens! Everyone chats about their first cellphones, the clubs, and the possibility of having children as they count down the Top…


A Brody Stevens Xmas

Who Charted? #264December 23, 2015

Spend this Christmas with Howard, Kulap, Stard, and Brody Stevens! We'll hear everyone chat about Brody's favorite baseball movie, how he became the Prince of Periscope, and the number one Christmas song as they count down the Top 5 Christmas Songs Music…


Enjoy It!

Who Charted? #158December 11, 2013

YES! The man of this era, Steven Brody Stevens returns on this week’s WHOOCH! After hearing Little Wie-Wie’s thoughts on the morning of John Lennon’s death, Brody addresses living in full honesty which is portrayed on his Comedy Central show “Brody Stevens:…


Rock Your Brody

Who Charted? #107December 19, 2012

The tambourine comedian returns! YES, Steven Brody Stevens is here to cheer up Howard from the holiday blues on today’s Who Charted! Brody joins Howard & Kulap for a discussion about Howard’s thoughts on pillow talk, the possibility of a Podwalk of…


Sklarbro County 22

Sklarbro Country #117.5October 23, 2012

YES! Brody Stevens brings the positive energy to this week’s Sklarbro County! Brody has a close connection with sports as he tells us about playing baseball for Arizona State University, feeling like he’s pitching when doing stand-up, and how hanging with A-Rod…


Live from Bridgetown 2012

Who Charted? #85July 18, 2012

We've been saving a good one for you! Brett Gelman and house band Brody Stevens bring positive energy and pinata-beating skills to Portland. The gang covers the top music acts that moved to Portland and the top films shot in Oregon. We're…


False Chart

Who Charted? #54December 14, 2011

With Who Charted? safely in its second year, we couldn't go much longer without an appearance from Steven Brody Stevens! Will Brody earn enough comedy credits during the episode to warrant a fourth return? You'll just have to listen as he joins…


National Pleasure

Comedy Bang Bang #127October 17, 2011

How many ingredients are in pizza? Can you high five an orangutan? What does the moon do when we're not looking? The answers to these questions and more can be found in today's Comedy Bang Bang! Nick Swardson finally found his way…


Positive Energy YES!

Who Charted? #17March 30, 2011

Guess who's back? YES, it's Brody Stevens and he's back with positive energy, a deal with HBO, and a set of claves! The movie charts are here once again, along with the Top iTunes UK Pop Songs and our new friend The…



Who Charted? #7January 18, 2011

Brody Stevens is here for Who Charted? and you will undoubtedly ENJOY IT! He talks with Howard and Kulap about getting laid, cleaning up after his dog, being in the Hangover, why his house stinks, and of course, the charts. They discuss…

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