Bryan Safi

Bryan Safi is a writer on Current TV’s Infomania and the face of That’s Gay. Before working on Infomania Bryan put in time as a writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and FunnyorDie. Throughout all of this he’s found time to perform at UCB as part of the Maude team Kirkland’s Signature. If you put his name into UCBComedy, you’ll probably enjoy what you find.

Guest Appearances


Who Charted? #234May 27, 2015

Throwing Shade’s Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi expose the true intentions of geese on today’s Who Charted! As they countdown the Top 5 Billboard: Hot 100 songs, we hear how women can be creeps too, how much a room in Howard’s animal…


Ignore All Instincts!

Totally Laime #195October 25, 2013

You know him from the incredible podcast, Throwing Shade, and from his previous appearance on this here very show - what can we say, we can't get enough of him! BRYAN SAFI came back on and we discussed youth humiliation, fuck apps,…


Adult Sex Ed!

Totally Laime #85September 18, 2011

Well, we're smitten. He's a Southern gent, funny as all get-out, and willingly went on the ride that was this podcast ~ BRYAN SAFI came on TLP and we giggled our butts off. All of us - Elizabeth, Psychic Andy AND Ruby…


Oscar Season

Glitter in the Garbage #10February 9, 2011

Ah, Los Angeles in February, can't you just taste the Glitter in the Garbage? With Oscar nominations out you can see all the Angelinos in their native habitat, be it discussing their plastic surgery, protecting their neighborhoods from invaders, ruing their thoughtless…

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