Caitlin Gill

Caitlin Gill is a stand-up comedian. Follow Caitlin on on over at @ROBOTCAITLIN

Guest Appearances

Strange Days

Cracked Movie Club #13September 28, 2017

Kathryn Bigelow month continues on Cracked Movie Club! In 1995, Bigelow released┬áStrange Days,┬áher vision of a near future in which people can record their everyday lives, and buying and selling those recordings has become the most popular form of entertainment. Meanwhile, civil…


20 Things Sci-Fi Promised Us That We Want Now

In a way, science-fiction has not only predicted the future but created it as well. The works of Jules Verne inspired the first submarines and Star Trek's communicators and tablets clearly inspired the smart phones and computers and voice-activated assistants we use…

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