Caleb Bacon

Caleb Bacon is a LA-based writer and, surprisingly, not a director. He also co-hosts the comedy podcast, The Gentlemen’s Club, which is a weekly show featuring guests that men find interesting. Some Earwolf hosts have guested: Jeff Ullrich, Paul Scheer, Scott Aukerman and Kulap Vilaysack. Pornstars too. Caleb also enjoys baseball, disco, and benefiting from The Popcorn Trick.

Guest Appearances

Earwolf Thanksgiving

The Wolf Den #43November 25, 2011

Since we're so thankful for all you wonderful listeners, we decided to put together a last minute The Wolf Den with everyone in the office. You'll hear both our wonderful engineers, Cyrus and Dustin, our tech wizard Shahruz, our financial guru Dave,…

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