Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito is a stand-up comedian. You can catch Cameron every Tuesday night at 8 PM at LA’s UCB Theatre where she hosts the stand-up show Put Your Hands Together which is also a podcast.

Guest Appearances

The Matrix (w/ Cameron Esposito)

The Canon #121September 25, 2017

Comedian Cameron Esposito joins Amy this week to discuss the 1999 sci-fi film "The Matrix." They break down "The Matrix" as a product of queer theory as well as the implications of the famous "red pill, blue pill" scene. Then they consider…


Whale Watching Boat

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes everyone with his real voice to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special return guests are Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher of Put Your Hands Together and Take My Wife! They chat about what movie they have lied about…


Popcorn Costume

Comedy Bang Bang #507September 4, 2017

Comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher of Put Your Hands Together and Take My Wife join Scott and Mike the Janitor to talk about their upcoming tour “Back to Back,” a man eating peanuts with the shell at a baseball game, and…


Break-ups, Baseball & Boys in Books

Homophilia #1August 11, 2017

On the premiere episode of HOMOPHILIA, Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey welcome the amazing Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife, Queery) to the studio to talk about bad break-ups, poorly-timed tattoos, her wife Rhea's tiny hat, and more on what they're loving &…


A Family-Owned Bagel Shop

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes himself to welcoming you back to Spontaneanation! This week, Paul’s special return guest is stand-up comedian Cameron Esposito of Take My Wife and Put Your Hands Together! They chat about what happens if the Supreme Court gets rid of…


Hair Take It

Comedy Bang Bang #438August 8, 2016

Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher of Put Your Hands Together join Scott to talk about the Olympics, baseball, and their brand new Seeso original show "Take My Wife." Later, Al A. Peterson aka The Smooth Criminal stops by the studio for the…


Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

HDTGM All-Stars Pete Holmes and Cameron Esposito join Paul and Jason LIVE from the world famous Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles to discuss the 1980 Village People biopic Can't Stop the Music. The film won the very first Razzie award…


Little Whittle Whistle

Comedy Bang Bang #412April 4, 2016

Cameron Esposito of Put Your Hands Together is back along with her new dad and vigilante J.W. Stillwater! We'll hear about Cameron shooting her new Seeso stand-up special on the day before her wedding and what it's been like now that Stillwater…


Universal Studios Hollywood

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes a collective group of listeners back to SPONTANEANATION! This week, Paul’s special guest is stand-up comedian Cameron Esposito of the upcoming Seeso standup special "Marriage Material" (March 24)! They chat about how glasses are made, how children figure…


Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher

Crybabies #27October 29, 2015

The affianced comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher join Sarah & Susan to talk about crying cheese, being harassed a recent flight to LA from Seattle, John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane," American Pickers, and Cabaret.


Cameron Esposito: Chick Chat with Bishop Gertrude Steinham

Alright chickadees, welcome back to Chick Chat with your host Bishop Gertrude Steinham (Cameron Esposito)! It’s the show in which we discuss women’s rights, women’s needs, and every other important thing in between. This week we are joined by the head of…


Is Y'all My Daddy?

Comedy Bang Bang #348April 27, 2015

Y'all hear 'em sireens? That's right Cameron Esposito of Put Your Hands Together is back along with her new legal guardian vigilante J.W. Stillwater! They'll tell us all about living together, pitching projects in Hollywood, and J.W.'s missing father. Later, pool man…


Squeezing Dicky V

Sklarbro Country #243March 20, 2015

Randy and Jason kick off the episode with takes about a minor league baseball player who lands himself in “Sklarbrotration” and a European Soccer player who longs for a piece of the Berlin Wall.  Then, the Sklars welcome to the show fellow…


What's Your Hub?

Who Charted? #201October 8, 2014

Kicking off Rocktober is Put Your Hands Together & Wham Bam Pow host Cameron Esposito on this week's WHO CHARTED! Cameron tells us about her late night experiences in which she performed in front of Jay Leno & Ke$ha, everyone shares their…


Y'all Heard Any of These Names Before?

Comedy Bang Bang #314October 6, 2014

Comedian extraordinaire Cameron Esposito of Put Your Hands Together returns to tell us all about her new stand-up album Same Sex Symbol on today's Comedy Bing Bong! Cameron & Scott chat about eradicating men from the Earth, Portland food, and Cameron's old…


To Bald Or Not To Bald!

Totally Laime #222May 2, 2014

Andy's absent today but fret not, this episode with hilarious stand up comedians and co-hosts of UCB's Put Your Hands Together as well as the awesome Max fun podcast Wham Bam Pow, CAMERON ESPOSITO AND RHEA BUTCHER are here to save the…


Mortal Kombat

How Did This Get Made? #81January 28, 2014

If you loved the game, you might hate this movie. Put Your Hands Together/Wham Bam Pow host Cameron Esposito joins Paul, June, and Jason to talk all about MORTAL KOMBAT. They discuss the mortals being unfazed by the supernatural, Christopher Lambert's wig,…


Raw Copera

Comedy Bang Bang #256November 18, 2013

Creator, star, and driving force behind Metalocalypse, Brendon Small returns as well as Put Your Hands Together host/creator Cameron Esposito who’s making her first appearance on today’s Comedy Bing Bong! Cameron takes us through her memorable late night television debut experience and…


Mother of Arms

The Fogelnest Files #54September 12, 2013

Jake is back from New York and in the Earwolf studios with the very funny & delightful Cameron Esposito on this week’s edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Cameron takes us through her late night television debut experience which is considered the most…

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