Casey Feigh

Casey Feigh is a writer/comedian on the UCB Harold team John Velvet. He also writes and performs with the sketch group Cream, whose videos have appeared on numerous Comedy Central shows and received millions of views online. Casey loves improv and is on a bunch of teams with wacky names including Hip Hop Penguin & Midbest, whose written shows Hip Hop Penguin: Dropping Truth Bombs in Yo Earholes, Hip Hop Penguin Goes to Camp & Midbest Presents: Casey & Dave are Different were loved by many and considered “a little weird” by his parents. Casey is featured in the documentary film The Comedy Garage, co-host of the UCBTLA Podcast and runs Crashbar Improv, named LA Weekly’s “Best Underground Improv Show”.

Guest Appearances

Buttholes at the Reststop

improv4humans #132May 1, 2014

Zach Woods, Casey Feigh and Ronnie Adrian join Matt Besser on this week's improv4humans. Listen to this episode to hear the story of how Matt Besser entered college as an athlete and left as a weed smoker, how Casey Feigh lost his…


You Got P.R.ANKED!

improv4humans #36July 19, 2012

Today's episode of improv4humans is the perfect primer for anyone looking to interview Matt Besser. Our guests are Paul Scheer, Casey Feigh, and Joe Hartzler who are rocking some improv in more than one way. You'll get depressed, constipated, and you MIGHT…

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