Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson has acted in such acclaimed series as Saturday Night Live and Happy Endings. She co-wrote the movie Bridesmaids and the celebrated stage show Rode Hard and Put Away Wet. She does improv and sketch at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles and yet she somehow finds time to visit us at Earwolf. And we’re very glad that she does.

Guest Appearances

Sex Causes Pregnancy

Who Charted? #225March 25, 2015

Howard and Kulap start off the show with some old-fashioned candid camera and talk of the latest Gu Cruise video, starring Rocky, Kulap’s dog. Then, actor, comedian, and writer, Casey Wilson, joins the gang to discuss her unborn babies acting potential, as…


Sandwich Therapy

Comedy Bang Bang #315October 13, 2014

Ken Marino & Casey Wilson of NBC’s Marry Me sing their hearts out on this week’s Comedy Bean Bag! After giving us an oral history of their new show Marry Me, Ken & Casey collabo once more as they create a brand…


Glitter: LIVE!

How Did This Get Made? #94September 23, 2014

It's a special HDTGM All-Stars episode with guest co-hosts Adam Scott & Casey Wilson as well as special guest Dan Levy and they're talking all about Mariah Carey's Glitter. Recorded LIVE at Largo in Los Angeles, we get into why this movie…


Merry Chartmas!

Who Charted? #160December 25, 2013

It's a Chartmas miracle! The delightful Casey Wilson joins Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie to share her theory on "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and surprise us with her tales of high school acting as she helps countdown the Top 5 Christmas Songs. She also…


Butthole Baby

Comedy Bang Bang #246September 30, 2013

The writing team and stars of Ass Backwards, Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael are here to predict future inventions on this week’s Comedy Bing! Bing! Casey & June let us know how their new movie Ass Backwards (which is now out…


Bonus Cut: The Video Room

improv4humans #90.5July 23, 2013

Casey Wilson, Chad Carter, Sean Conroy, and Betsy Sodaro find out that the local church’s video room has been used for other purposes on this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Don’t forget to that you can now get Matt Besser’s new comedy…


Bear Suit

improv4humans #90July 18, 2013

Casey Wilson, Betsy Sodaro, Sean Conroy, and Chad Carter join Matt Besser in an effort to continue to make improv4humans the best podcast in the universe! They’ll deal with an attempted bank robbery, hear the wisdom of a 102 year old grandmother,…


Happy Endings

Comedy Bang Bang #181October 22, 2012

Two cast members from the hit ABC show Happy Endings, Casey Wilson and Adam Pally came to play on this week’s Comedy Bang Bang! Adam & Casey share stories of their parents, talk couples Halloween costumes, and give us a little taste…


Booked It!

Comedy Bang Bang #101April 18, 2011

Good Riddance! Just one week since we hit the big 1-0-0 and we're back with another great episode! Joe Lo Truglio (the most tolerable member of The State) joins Casey Wilson for his first Death-Ray appearance, which thankfully goes better than Casey's…


Finding Love on Who Charted

Who Charted? #19April 12, 2011

This week's guest is one of the most beautiful, charming women working in comedy right now: Hermes the Chart Goose! Oh, and Casey Wilson (who you might know as Eminem's girlfriend) stops by as well. The music chart of the week is…


Letters from Prison!

Totally Laime #55February 20, 2011

The Nigerian Prince was right -  CASEY WILSON from SNL and ABC'S upcoming Happy Endings is fun and cutie! Not only did she discuss prison love but she dove right into all things Oprah so you can only imagine how thrilled Elizabeth…


Sisters Act

Glitter in the Garbage #9February 3, 2011

The message of the week on Glitter in the Garbage is sisterhood, whether it's between Oprah and Gail, Oprah and her half-sister, or Oprah and June Raphael. June, Casey Wilson and Matt McConkey join Drew to teach us all about womyn's safety,…


Old Dogs

How Did This Get Made? #3January 26, 2011

Where do we start with Old Dogs? Human puppet suits? A cross-eyed Rita Wilson? Sports marketing? Paul, June, and Jason invite Casey Wilson to help sift through the farts and crotch-shots that make up this 87 minute masterpiece. Casey and Paul reenact…


Good One!

Comedy Bang Bang #43March 5, 2010

THE GOOD ONE ROBOT IS HERE! Everyone had been requesting it, and here it is! The Good-One robot! This almost makes up for the awkward addition of Julie Penzmere, Scott's ex-girlfriend (if you can call her that, I mean, they only dated…


SNL Reunion

Comedy Bang Bang #19September 4, 2009

Rarely does the show go super-informative-like, but this episode is a great look into the life of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” that make up Saturday Night Live. From the classic Laraine Newman, to the modern Casey Wilson, and the…

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