Chris Cox

Chris Cox is a voice actor with over sixty credits in the past decade alone. He has provided voices for the Justice League television series, many Star Wars video games, and the wildly successful Fox series Family Guy just to name a few. Chris also wrote, produced, and starred in the Spike TV series Small Shots.

Guest Appearances

Chang's Christian Calves

Sklarbro Country #361June 23, 2017

Actor/comedian Tom Arnold returns to the show for the last ever Earwolf studio-recorded episode of Sklarbro Country! Randy and Jason dive into an examination of what has led to the drop off in modern American tennis stars before Tom shares his favorite…


Ladies of GLOW

Sklarbro Country #359June 8, 2017

Comic actresses Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson (GLOW) join Randy and Jason for this week's Sklarbro Country! First, the Bros cover their main story: The Tebow Effect. Then, they talk to Kimmy and Rebekka about their work on the new Netflix series…


One-of-a-Kind Jr.

Sklarbro Country #358June 2, 2017

Actor and comedian Eddie Pepitone returns on this week's Sklarbro Country! Randy and Jason dive into the latest Tiger Woods scandal before talking to Eddie about being raised by schoolteachers, his emotional relationship with the New York Rangers, and how hockey inspired…


Alabama Saturday

Sklarbro Country #357May 26, 2017

Actor Tommy Dewey (Casual) arrives on fair Country shores this week to talk football fandom with Randy and Jason. The Sklars dig deep into the dark side of college recruiting before talking with Tommy about why Alabama fans have it toughest and…


On the Stock Room Floor

Sklarbro Country #356May 19, 2017

Host of "The Wrap" Patrick Meagher joins the Sklars this week to discuss everything from athletes taking dirt bike joy rides to the biggest boxing matches they witnessed as kids. They break down how Howard Stern got to the radio mountaintop and…


On The Spice Route

Sklarbro Country #353April 28, 2017

Comedian Jackie Kashian joins Randy and Jason this week to talk about her new album "I Am Not the Hero of This Story." She reminisces with the Sklars about "growing up" in comedy together, explains the political element of her comedy, and…


Detentional-Based Economy

Sklarbro Country #348March 24, 2017

Actor Tim Baltz (Shrink) joins the Sklars this week to talk about selling his show The Second City Project, his Michigan fanhood, and auditioning for SNL. Plus, they get into Russia’s doping woes and LaVar Ball’s public dissing during Quick Hits, and…


Hunt For The Hum-A-La-Bi-Ba-La

Sklarbro Country #339January 20, 2017

Actress and comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country! The Sklars pitch perfect Super Bowl halftime performances before launching into a discussion with Mary Lynn about getting shin splints while working on "24" and straddling the…


The 2016 Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #337January 6, 2017

Sklarbro Country's celebrity gallery has gathered once again to celebrate the new year! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Dennis Rodman, Dick Vitale, Tilda Swinton, Fat Matthew McConaughey, Kris Kristofferson, both Nicholas Cages, Sam Elliott, Ken Kratz, Steven Avery, Michael Jordan, Tiger…


The Richfield Stiffings

Sklarbro Country #333December 9, 2016

Stand-up comic Gary Gulman joins Randy and Jason for this week's episode of Sklarbro Country. We hear about a Packers fan who ditched a steep cab fare and Matt Barnes' accidental butt-bump before the Sklars get into it with Gary. They discuss…



Sklarbro Country #330November 18, 2016

Fellow twin comedy duo Kenny and Keith Lucas (Lucas Bros. Moving Co.) join Randy and Jason for this week's Sklarbro Country. They talk Justin Verlander's Cy Young Award snub before sharing experiences finding footing in the twin comedy game. During Quick Hits,…


A Tale of Two Charlies

Sklarbro Country #327October 28, 2016

Phenomenal comedic actor Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia finally jaunts his way into the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Charlie tells us about one of his first TV roles on Law and Order, how he met the Sunny crew,…


Behind the Couch

Sklarbro Country #321September 16, 2016

Actor and comedian Adam Ray joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country. The Sklars talk about the voicemail outlining a plan to ambush Rob Ryan and Kid Rock's Kaepernick shoutout during Takes. Then they chat with Adam about his background…


Hard Bumps

Sklarbro Country #319September 2, 2016

Comedians and two-thirds of truTV's "Those That Can't" Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl make their return to the Country! They talk with Randy and Jason about Mike Tyson's ice cream theft at the U.S. Open as well as Kurt Angle's headbutt prowess…


Hillary Clinton Dollar Bill

Sklarbro Country #310July 1, 2016

Incredible comedian, impressionist, and actor Jay Mohr returns to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Jay joins Randy and Jason to chat about hosting the NHL awards, LeBron James' "I'm coming home" letter, witnessing one of the greatest rewrites in the history…


In the Weedmans

Sklarbro Country #308June 17, 2016

Lauren Weedman (HBO's Looking) is one hell of a storyteller and an indie film darling. Lauren joins Randy and Jason in the calming shores of Sklarbro Country to talk about meeting a guy on a dating app, her young son being a…


Roast In Peace

Sklarbro Country #307June 10, 2016

Jeffrey Ross is known worldwide as The RoastMaster General for good reason. Jeff joins Randy and Jason to chat about taking The Comedy Store's Roast Battle on the road to becoming a TV show for Comedy Central, performing at one of his…


It's About Time

Sklarbro Country #300March 25, 2016

To celebrate 300 episodes of Sklarbro Country, Daniel Van Kirk interviews Randy and Jason about the podcast. They look back on memorable episodes, the Sklars' early days in stand-up and the evolution of Sklarbro Country. Later, they listen to voicemails from guests…


Sklarbro County 198

Actor and improviser Mike McShane joins the Sklars via Skype and discusses his experience on Whose Line is it Anyway?. Daniel Van Kirk's crazy story includes two strangers who had to share a room at a "love hotel" on Valentine's Day after…


Helicopter Rich

Sklarbro Country #293March 4, 2016

Comedy veteran David Steinberg talks to the Sklars about his early days in the comedy scene and his multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. They do a Quick Hits about an NFL wide receiver's Harry Potter-themed wedding. Later, Tiger…


The Worm is Feeling the Bern

Sklarbro Country #288January 29, 2016

Randy and Jason review a Carolina Panthers superfan's rap video on this week's Sklarbro Country. Comedian and fellow Missourian Kathleen Madigan joins the Sklars to talk LA Rams, comedy clubs and touring the U.S. They also discuss Puerto Ricans who obeyed their…


Kitchen Witch

Sklarbro Country #287January 22, 2016

Michaela Watkins is amazing in every role she plays, from Wanderlust to the comedy series Casual on Hulu, she is a powerful comedic force. Michaela joins Randy & Jason to talk about her early days of studying acting at Boston University, what…


Danzig Pile of Bricks

Sklarbro Country #286January 15, 2016

Randy and Jason have seen the hilarious Jonah Ray grow from a comedy fetus to a comedy icon. Jonah stops by Sklarbro Country to talk about his latest Seeso show, Hidden America ."a travel show where the places are real but the…


The 2015 Character Episode

Sklarbro Country #284January 1, 2016

It's the time of year when we give thanks to the celebs who populate the Sklarbro Country universe! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Nicholas Cage, Robert Durst, Michael Caine, Christoph Waltz, Bill Walton, Ozzie Guillen, Mark Wahlberg, Racist Vin Scully, Tiger…


Temporary WCW Champion: David Arquette

Sklarbro Country #281December 11, 2015

Fresh off his Chicago production of Sherlock Holmes, David Arquette visits the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! David joins Randy & Jason to talk about getting to know each other by playing golf together along with the Sklars' mother, how portraying deputy…



Sklarbro Country #280December 4, 2015

Kill Tony host Tony Hinchcliffe is a rising star in the comedy world and a phenomenal roaster at The Comedy Store's Roast Battle. Tony joins Randy & Jason to talk about the resurgence of The Comedy Store, growing up in Youngstown which…


Wikifeet High and Rising

Sklarbro Country #275October 30, 2015

This week Randy and Jason discuss nazi soccer dolls and why Adrian Peterson continues to disappoint children everywhere. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show Nikki Glaser who discusses life on the road as a female comedian, her new Comedy Central show…


Balls Out

Welcome back to The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard. Popular demand called for it, and we listened: Each earmovie is now a single episode. Today, we return to our first ever earmovie - the obscenely funny BALLS OUT, written by…


The Greatest Mascot Story Ever Told

Sklarbro Country #272October 9, 2015

Randy and Jason kick off the show with the greatest mascot story ever told. Then, then Sklars welcome Betsy Brandt, who discusses why Breaking Bad was such a unique and special show to be a part of, as well as why kids…


Gotta go to Mo's, to Poop

Sklarbro Country #269September 18, 2015

The Sklars explain why you shouldn't drink at a sporting event that you're playing in, as well as examples of non-offensive things a person could say to Jeremy Lin. Then, Adam Pally joins the show to discuss the unique aspects of being…


Hump The Gun

Sklarbro Country #267September 4, 2015

Randy and Jason explain why the only way to deal with your problems is to punch them in the face, as well as the best ways for a racist to die. Then, Lauren Lapkus joins the show to talk about the joy…


H2 Hell No

Sklarbro Country #264August 14, 2015

This week, the Sklars explain why George R.R. Martin simply does not have time to visit practice for the New York Jets and why a drunk Dennis Rodman makes more sense than a sober Dennis Rodman. Then, Randy and Jason welcome to…


Brokering Peace With Meatloaf

Sklarbro Country #262July 31, 2015

This week, Randy and Jason explain why gophers are no longer the biggest threat to a golf course and why Hulk Hogan would be better served by never having any thoughts. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show Sasheer Zamata who discusses…


Beach Chair Wars

Sklarbro Country #260July 17, 2015

Beach chairs, worth punching a child over? Secondary career's for retired mascot's, is there such a thing? These questions and more on this week's Sklarbro Country. Also, Randy and Jason welcome to the show actor and former NBA star Rick Fox. Rick…


The Airplane Streaker

Sklarbro Country #254June 5, 2015

On this week's episode, a warning is issued to all flakey guests, particularly Dolph Lundgren, that if you promise to appear on Sklarbro Country and don't, a British jackass will pee on your shoes. Then, Randy and Jason welcome to the show…



In episode four of The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard, we finally have come to the exciting conclusion of the hilarious script BALLS OUT. When we last left Bill Simmers, he had just taken the blue pill. He’s popped a…



In episode three of The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard, we continue with the obscenely funny script BALLS OUT. When we last left Jim Simmers and the gang, things were going seemingly well. He got a new car, got revenge…



In episode two of The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard, we continue with the obscenely funny script BALLS OUT. We follow the story of beleaguered businessman Jim Simmers, a pencil pusher unlucky in life and in love who just last…



Welcome to the first episode of The Black List Table Reads with Franklin Leonard. The Black List Table Reads takes the best and most exciting screenplays Hollywood hasn't yet made, and turns them into movies, for your ears. This week The Black…


The Annual Sklarbro Character Show

Sklarbro Country #233January 8, 2015

It’s the annual Character show! In the greatest collaboration of celebrity talk radio, Randy and Jason bring together the likes of Dennis Rodman, Doug Buffone, Jerry Jones, Steven Seagal, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Leykis, Dick Vitale, Tiger Woods, Robert Siegel, D.R. Tuttle, Jesse…


Sulu Nation

Sklarbro Country #226November 21, 2014

Randy and Jason kick off the show with an update on Jose Canseco, his poker career, and his most recent live tweets. As well as, an in depth explanation of what kind of family goes bowling, only to end up in a…


Sklarbro County 130

Sklarbro Country #225.5November 18, 2014

Randy, Jason, and Dan Van Kirk kick off the show with Rhett & Link, the comedic youtube "internetainers," who share intimate details of what it's like to dominate such a specific medium, such as the internet. Then, the group walks us through…


Give Me the Award or Don't

Sklarbro Country #225November 14, 2014

Randy and Jason start with the hottest topic in baseball, Alex Rodriguez, the incontinent athlete, who when he isn't cuddling a pile of cash, is trying to stumble his way back into the MLB. Then the Sklars are joined by old friend…


Oh Canada

Sklarbro Country #224November 7, 2014

Randy and Jason kick off the show with what Jose Canseco has been up to and weather or not his most recent accident will affect his baseball career moving forward. Then, the Sklars are joined by sports anchors Jay Onrait and Dan…


Everybody Lives, Raymond

Sklarbro Country #223October 31, 2014

Ray Romano & Mike Royce have been good friends and have worked together for many years on Everybody Loves Raymond & Men of a Certain Age. Today they join the Sklar Brothers to talk about their old stand-up bits, what lead them…


Alec Baldwin's Feet

Sklarbro Country #220October 10, 2014

Life long friend, legendary writer, and incredibly accomplished executive producer, John Riggi stops by the studio to talk about the kind of confidence you need to be a great comedian, working on two of the best sitcoms in our lifetime, The Larry Sanders…


America Ferrero

Sklarbro Country #211August 8, 2014

Jerry Ferrara, yes that Jerry Ferrara from Entourage, makes his first visit to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country to talk about being a Yankees fan, his love for the radio, and going clubbing with Mark Wahlberg in Hollywood for the first…


George Brett Reluctant High Five

Sklarbro Country #193April 4, 2014

We get deep into the Kansas City lore with fantastic comedic actor Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family on today's Sklarbro Country! We'll hear about how sports played a major role of Eric's life growing up in Kansas City, the time he played…


Rat Arm On A Crocodile

Sklarbro Country #190March 14, 2014

Mad Men's own Rich Sommer graces us with his presence on today’s Sklarbro Country!  Rich talks about going to Browns games as a kid growing up in the Midwest, a couple of his favorite moments from working on Mad Men, and completely…


Once You Go Shaq

Sklarbro Country #188February 28, 2014

Get familiar with tremendous actor Randall Park of Veep and the upcoming Seth Rogen/James Franco film The Interview on this week's Sklarbro Country! Randall tells us how he was worried what his parents would think of him portraying Kim Jong Un on…


Black Panini

Sklarbro Country #187February 21, 2014

Anchorman 2 director Adam McKay returns to the calming shores with some amazing Anchorman news! Adam, Randy, & Jason go deep into the NBA trade deadline, the alternate version of Anchorman 2 with all new jokes, and the Lakers before getting into…


Sklarbro County 87

Sklarbro Country #182.5January 21, 2014

Host of The Fogelnest Files/professional Jake Fogelnest stops by to decipher the Richard Sherman post game rant and to once again look at one of the best videos to exist on the internet on today's Sklarbro County! Jake, the Sklar Bros, and…


In The Lore of Freaknik

Sklarbro Country #182January 17, 2014

If you're a fan of Eastbound & Down or loved Django Unchained, then you're probably familiar with the great acting talent of Omar Dorsey. Omar makes his way to the calming shores to tell us about his time playing football for the…


The 2014 Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #180January 3, 2014

Once again the characters that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together to share what their year was like and what we can expect from them in the new year. Join Randy and Jason as they welcome special guests Dennis "The Worm" Rodman,…


Jumping The Korean Baby Ghost

Sklarbro Country #174November 22, 2013

One of the funniest people in the universe, Nick Swardson returns to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Nick tells us about developing an office video game comedy with Danny McBride, shares some of his vitriolic Vikings tweets, talks about the time…


Taking a Sitz Bath

Sklarbro Country #173November 15, 2013

Fearless comedy legend Dom Irrera delights us with many tales from his unbelievable career, including interviewing football greats as a host for Comedy Central’s football show Offsides to opening for Cher at Madison Square Garden. Dom also tells us about going way…


She Rabbi

Sklarbro Country #168October 11, 2013

One of the fastest/funniest minds and most creative people in all of television, Mitch Hurwitz, the creator and showrunner of Arrested Development joins the Sklars for a rifftastic Sklarbro Country! Mitch talks about his time working on the Golden Girls, going against…


Sklarbro County 71

Sklarbro Country #166.5October 1, 2013

Human sports jukebox Gar Ryness returns to the Sklarbro universe to talk baseball playoffs and make predictions on this week's Sklarbro County! Dan Van Kirk and his ridiculous news stories go international as he brings us some crazy stories from across the…


He's A Lesbian

Sklarbro Country #165September 20, 2013

NFL legend and all around awesome guy Terrell Owens makes his first visit to the calming shores on this week's extra special Sklarbro Country! After some quality takes, Terrell joins Randy & Jason to break down his career in the NFL, talk…


Olympic Orgies

Sklarbro Country #164September 13, 2013

Things get sportsy as Canadian sportscasters Jay Onrait & Dan O'Toole make their way to the calming shores for the very first time on this week's Sklarbro Country! Jay & Dan explain how the made their way from TSN to Fox Sports,…


A Big Bowl Of Luck

Sklarbro Country #163September 6, 2013

Curb Your Enthusiasm & Earwolf’s own Jeff Garlin is finally joining us on the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! After getting into some takes that include a drunk man riding a horse into a bar, Randy & Jason welcome Jeff to discuss…


An Overweight Four

Sklarbro Country #160August 16, 2013

Comedy legend Adam McKay stops by the calming shores for the first time on today's Sklarbro Country! Adam teases a gag from his highly anticipated sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues, talks about how the original film came together and details his career…


Dirty Talking Droopy Dog

Sklarbro Country #157July 26, 2013

Nerdy lady energy alert! The lovely and hilarious Aisha Tyler returns to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Aisha tells us what it’s like working on so many shows like The Talk & Whose Line Is It Anyway, shares a story of…


Death By Nerf

Sklarbro Country #155July 12, 2013

The man of many voices, Carlos Alazraqui gets acquainted with the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Carlos tells us how he organically fell into his role of Deputy Garcia on Reno 911!, gets into what makes him a huge bay area sports…


Life's Bouncer

Sklarbro Country #154July 5, 2013

Celebrate your 4th of July weekend by joining us in a special behind the scenes episode of Sklarbro Country with our buddy Dan Van Kirk! We hear about the process that Dan goes through when doing a character, how he worked as…


Sklarbro County 58

Phenomenal stand-up/podcaster Dave Anthony joins us this week in walking the county!  Dave explains the beauty of texting during big games, tells us about his latest/first stand-up album, “Shame Chamber” (which ranked #1 in Australia), and gives us a heads up on…


Older Jewish Women

Sklarbro Country #153June 28, 2013

Earwolf podcast superstars Ronna & Beverly stop by the calming shores on today's Sklarbro Country! Randy and Jason talk chiggers, fishing and catching babies before the beautiful (and good looking) Ronna & Beverly successfully take over the conversation. They talk Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,…


C'mon Big Man!

Sklarbro Country #149May 31, 2013

Remarkable improviser Chris Tallman swings by the calming shores to share tales of his Thailand hijinks on today’s Sklarbro Country! Chris tells us about his early beginnings with his sketch group The Bert Fershners, training at a gym with a very intense…


This Is How Not To Do It

Sklarbro Country #147May 17, 2013

Incredible improviser/comedic actor Seth Morris stops by the calming shores to explain why he quit playing basketball in 9th grade. He also tells us about his experience working on the show “Go On,” how taking classes lead him to start a the…


For The Halibut

Rob Corddry comes to the calming shores and makes it Boston strong on today's Sklarbro Country! The guys cover Chad Johnson's one day adoption of a homeless man and ask why western climbers and Buddhist Sherpas can't get along. Then they talk…


Hover Hand

Sklarbro Country #143April 19, 2013

Veep’s own Tim Simons joined Randy & Jason to take calls & punch waterfalls on another livestreamed episode of Sklarbro Country! Tim tells us the way a fan approached him once, how his role on Veep came about, and the one time…


You Kids Want A Soda?

Sklarbro Country #142April 12, 2013

We keep it in the Sklarbro family this week as our good friend Jason Nash visits the calming shores! Jason tells us about being a full time dad, takes us back to his audition for SNL, and talks about being ahead of…


Cock Pulldowns

Sklarbro Country #139March 22, 2013

Waterfalls were punched and history was made as the very casually dressed Kumail Nanjiani returned to the calming shores for the first ever livestreamed episode of Sklarbro Country! Everything from gay gyms, squash in Pakistan, and video game tournaments were discussed. Also,…


Sklarbro County 43

Sklarbro Country #138.5March 19, 2013

We have Anglo-Saxon energy invading the County as the hilarious Matt Kirshen stops by this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt chats about his time on Last Comic Standing, British comedy, and talks about how his dad tried to get him to become a…


Milk In The Bathtub

Sklarbro Country #134February 15, 2013

Jack Black finally body surfs his way to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Jack talks to Randy & Jason about how David Cross invited Tenacious D to perform at the early Mr. Show shows, when Dio got introduced to Tenacious D,…


Pouring Soy Sauce On The Parade

Sklarbro Country #133February 8, 2013

It’s rare when we have the chance to have a fascinating chat with a guest who is a tremendous actor and star of one of the greatest sports movies of all time. We are very excited today to have Dennis Christopher of…


Hatian Dad

Sklarbro Country #130January 18, 2013

The hilarious Eric Andre drops by to share his best/worst drug taking experiences while doing stand-up on today’s Sklarbro Country! Randy & Jason give their take on the whole Manti Te’o controversy and then welcome Eric to talk about how his parents…


Sklarbro County 34

Sklarbro Country #129.5January 15, 2013

The lovely host and producer of the legendary live show UnCabaret, Beth Lapides stops by on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! Beth tells us about spending New Year’s Eve doing yoga with Joni Mitchell, recalls some of the amazing performances that were…


The Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #127December 28, 2012

The citizens that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together again this year to help us wrap up 2012, share their plans for the holidays, and look at what is in store for the new year. Join Randy and Jason for a star…


Sklarbro County 31

Sklarbro Country #126.5December 25, 2012

It's Christmas! And speaking of immaculate conceptions, guest Jon Dore was on the calming shores for the birth of Henderson. Now he's back, and joining the gang on County to laugh through takes on box fans and lap dances for the needy.…


Tagging Out

Private: Love, Dad #18December 6, 2012

Today Jeff is joined by the amazing impressionist, father, and resident of Sklarbro Country — Chris Cox. Chris talks about having play dates with his daughters, sometimes losing his patience taking his daughters to school, and how parenting is hypocritical when it…


The Ball On This Guy

Sklarbro Country #121November 16, 2012

Need a boost for this weekend? We get a ‘lil Sklarbitration as a football fan tries to stop the Buffalo Bills from texting him. Then Dave Attell comes by the calming shores and the guys talk one-legged streakers, Lance Armstrong, and how…


Horse Burlesque

Sklarbro Country #118October 26, 2012

We’re excited to have a great young comic Sean Patton stop by the calming shores to punch waterfalls, kick some candy corn, and have some great conversation on today’s Sklarbro Country! Sean joins Randy & Jason to get into some sport stories…


The Sweet'n Low Spot

Sklarbro Country #116October 12, 2012

Greg “Fitzdog” Fitzsimmons blames the Sklars for coining the phrase “Fitzdog” on this week’s Sklarbro Country! Greg joins Randy & Jason to recall the early days of closing at Largo, describes his family history with the Howard Stern Show, and shares how…


Sklarbro County 20

Sklarbro Country #115.5October 9, 2012

The 40-Year-Old Boy himself, Mike Schmidt drops by to punch a waterfall on this week’s Sklarbro County! Mike describes how his podcast has morphed into what it is today over its 5 year existence, talks about the time he almost got his…


Now Connotes Today

Sklarbro Country #112September 14, 2012

Ian Roberts, a true pioneer of Sketch comedy & current Showrunner of Key and Peele, visits the calming shores this week on Sklarbro Country! Ian shares his view on being part of a movement as a founding member of UCB in New…


Sklarbro County 16

Sklarbro Country #111.5September 11, 2012

It’s time for your mid-week snack with today’s Sklarbro County! We are joined by Brendon Walsh and Randy Leitke of the Bone Zone podcast to talk about Randy’s challenge to Joe Rogan, Brendon’s connection to 90210, and their pajama party. Dan Van…


Add 5 and Figure it Out

Sklarbro Country #111September 7, 2012

Adam Carolla is a guest on today's show and the stories he has will blow your mind. He’s got amazing sports stories which include, Darryl Strawberry’s first home-run, his skirmish with a coach during a Celebrity Hardball game and how his love…


Sklarbro County 13

Sklarbro Country #108.5August 21, 2012

Fred Stoller does not hold back during this week’s Sklarbro County! Fred drops in to talk about being the 10 day contract guy, loving to root against the empire, and being mistaken as a guy who can’t drive. Dan Van Kirk brings…


Pew Felt

Sklarbro Country #108August 17, 2012

You don’t have to search for the nearest two-story church to enjoy this week’s Sklarbro Country! Rory Scovel joins Randy & Jason to discuss his love of making pre-game soccer speeches, experimenting with his creepy German side, and the power of crowds.…


Department Store Santa

Sklarbro Country #106August 3, 2012

Kevin Nealon, of Saturday Night Live and Weeds, is a fellow stand-up that Randy & Jason Sklar have known for a long time and joins them this week for a Sklartastic episode of Sklarbro Country! He shares a tale of his early…


Sklarbro County 3

Sklarbro Country #98.5June 12, 2012

We're not going to try to reel you into listening to Sklarbro County with rewards for bearded listeners or wordy legal mumbo jumbo. Instead, we're just telling you that co-host Dan Van Kirk has cooked up some awesome stories for us this…


Teepee or Not Teepee?

Sklarbro Country #98June 8, 2012

The calming shores are visited this week by Reggie Watts, known as the Al Jarreau of comedy. We've got a 'lil Sklarbitration between a rapper and NBA team, some investigative porno reports, and Tiger Woods does the best impression of his mom…


Sklarbro County 2

It's packed in the County today, with live music from Canadian folk rock band Great Lake Swimmers, a chat with ESPN's Jemele Hill, and an interesting voicemail from Robert Siegel. So put on your Super Bowl rings, bikinis, and ice skates, and…


Stalking An Old Nugget

Sklarbro Country #94May 11, 2012

Mad Men fans cannot miss this week's Sklarbro Country! Don Draper himself Jon Hamm is back on the calming shores to tell us how the Cardinals impacted the current season of Mad Men and joins us for the opening takes and Weekly Wahlberg. Plus we're…


Tiny Andy Dufrane

Sklarbro Country #92April 27, 2012

People all over the country are familiar with Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover and his other wildly successful projects. But I bet those people don't know what kind of fruit Zach grows on his farm or the fact that he won't race…


36 Virgins

Sklarbro Country #90April 13, 2012

Folks, prepare yourselves! Prepare yourselves for an over-sized load of Sklarbro Country with special guests Jim Gaffigan and Colin Hay! Colin treats us to his amazing songs, delights us with his rock star stories, and cracks us up as he joins in on Quick Hits. Jim…


Living On A Edge

Sklarbro Country #83February 24, 2012

Living On A Edge! Ben Schwartz just might be the Jeremy Lin of comedy: He comes from humble beginnings, he's worked super hard to get where he is now, and he is absolutely killing it right now! Writing movies, stealing scenes on…


Ms. Sklarbro Int'l

Sklarbro Country #80February 3, 2012

Did you catch the premiere of Key and Peele? You'll never want to miss a moment once you hear Keegan-Michael Key, one of the show's co-stars, on today's Sklarbro Country. Keegan is somehow able to talk about sports, comedy, Downton Abbey, race…


Sloppy Lady Junk

Sklarbro Country #79January 27, 2012

Tom Scharpling is the host of The Best Show on WFMU, the director of some of the best indie rock music videos, and perhaps a contender for best Sklarbro Country guest?! His sports knowledge (available for perusal at The Classical) and radio expertise…


New Year's Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #75December 30, 2011

We had some of our favorite guests of 2011 over for a sort of Sklarbro Country New Year's party. Fortunately we were recording so you can hear as Tiger Woods, Jesse Ventura, Bryant Gumbel, Owen Wilson, Tim Gunn, Bruce Jenner, and all…


Sklarbros and Sklarhos

Sklarbro Country #71December 2, 2011

Fine listeners: You are all cordially invited to the first ever Sklarbros and Sklarhos dinner party. Our entertainment will be topless basketball and wrestling courtesy of Billy Corgan. The meal will be catered by a group of Samoan rugby players and will…


Beware of Falling Fat Guys

Sklarbro Country #68November 11, 2011

Thirsty from an exhausting Scrabble tournament? Back a little sore from a rough encounter at Shea? Eagerly anticipating the new Magic Johnson musical? Drink up, stretch out, and calm down because Will Forte awaits you on the calming shores of Sklarbro Country.…


Less Is More

Sklarbro Country #58September 2, 2011

While many of our guests are sports fans, very few have the compelling insight of Mr. Kevin Pollak. He brings to the calming shores a deep Giants fandom and some unbelievable personal stories from Sugar Ray Leonard. The inside baseball doesn't stop…


Rated J for Juggalo

Sklarbro Country #55August 12, 2011

This episode has been approved for all audiences. If you are old enough to play soccer in The Netherlands, or even Spain, you will enjoy this show. All potential streakers have been asked to clothe themselves and any professional boxers will be…


Citizen's Sklarrest

Sklarbro Country #52July 22, 2011

Like Cristian Vasquez Martinez returning from the Dominican Republic, Randy and Jason are here to import high quality, uncut comedy from the calming shores of Sklarbro Country. Unlike Cristian the guys aren't putting all their eggs in one basket (or pair of…


This Is How We Do It

Sklarbro Country #51July 15, 2011

If Sklarbro Country had a Vice President, it would be Chris Cox. His contributions to Sklarbro Country are consistently hilarious and have garnered the love of Sklones everywhere. You've heard him as Tiger Woods, Sam Elliott, Racist Vin Scully and more, now…


The Beauty Episode

Sklarbro Country #50July 8, 2011

It's been a big news week and yes, we will get to all the major current events. Not only do we cover the bisexual softball controversy and Boris Becker's gardening battle, but we have Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest runner-up Patrick Bertoletti…


The Sprint Panda

Sklarbro Country #49July 1, 2011

It's a packed house in the Earwolf studio today! We have musical guest Ugly Duckling live in house who open the show with one of the best (if not THE best) Sklar-themed ciphers we've ever heard! They help us understand the Phillie…


Buddhist Retreat

Sklarbro Country #47June 17, 2011

Like the streets of Vancouver after the Stanley Cup finals, Sklarbro Country is here to riot! And who better to lead us in revelry than Jordan Rubin and Jerry Jones? Jordan talks about writing the opening film for this year's Oscars, a…


Stay Current

Sklarbro Country #41May 15, 2011

At Sklarbro Country we pride ourselves on our ability to stay current. That's why we brought in Brett Erlich from Current TV who talks to us about his father's collegiate football legacy, his relationship with Al Gore, and his near career as…


Get Blocked!

Sklarbro Country #40May 15, 2011

This episode is dedicated to all the haters! If you're listening out there, you've been BLOCKED! Which is a shame, because you'll have to miss this great episode with Jay Mohr and Sam Elliott. Jay talks inside baseball about Hollywood, from the…


The Sklar Whisperer

Sklarbro Country #39April 21, 2011

Cut the chit-chat, it's time for Sklarbro Country! Comedic philanthropist and card collector Bill Burr gives us respite from the athletically apathetic guests who often visit the calming shores. If you're having trouble keeping your pet calm, Bill has some excellent third-hand…


Tamp It Down!

Sklarbro Country #38April 14, 2011

What's Up Hot Dogs? This week we have Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast as a guest and you won't be able to tamp him down! Scott tells us his personal highlights from the 100 episodes of his podcast, and…


Never Not Sklarbro

Sklarbro Country #36April 1, 2011

Folks, it's true: This whole time, Randy Sklar has been impersonating his brother Jason, and vice versa. Will you forgive us if we give you an awesome Sklarbro Country with Jimmy Pardo and Tiger Woods? We thought so! Jimmy brings his sharp…


Good American Manners

Sklarbro Country #34March 18, 2011

Okay, so like no offense, but there are like these hoards of Hendersons roaming around the internet. And it's like, if you're going to listen to Sklarbro Country, use some manners! It's like every five minutes, I'll be deep into listening to…


Walking The Countryside

Sklarbro Country #32March 3, 2011

Turn off the Nickelback, put on your most aerodynamic slippers, and make your way down to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country. Randy and Jason welcome fellow podcasting duo Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt of Walking the Room to the show this…


Soaking In Sklar

Sklarbro Country #31February 24, 2011

No folks, you Sklaren't having deja vu: Patton Oswalt joins us YET AGAIN this week on Sklarbro Country! And even if you're as big a nerd as Patton is, if you follow his logic you too can enjoy the calming shores of…


I Don't Like Cricket

Sklarbro Country #29February 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pride we announce that Jon Bon Jovi now owns Sklarbro Country! Well, at least he's trying to buy it, and with a show this great how can you blame him? Rich Fulcher of The Mighty…


Visit from Nerdist

Sklarbro Country #27January 27, 2011

If you're going to get nerdy about sports, you must invite the boys of Nerdist! Matt Mira and Chris Hardwick step away from their Doctor Who dvds and Wired magazines to bring their unique perspective on Boston and bowling. We get a…


A Year in Review

Sklarbro Country #24January 7, 2011

It's time for the Sklarbro Country Year in Review episode! Randy and Jason talk through the biggest events...of 2011. Then they go back and look at 2010 with the help of Jerry Jones, Tiger Woods, Racist Vin Scully, Snoop Dogg, Sam Elliot,…


Blondes Have More Fun

Sklarbro Country #21December 17, 2010

It's always sunny in Sklarbro Country when Owen "The Butterscotch Stallion" Wilson and Kaitlin Olson (The Butterscotch Philly, of course) drop by. Kaitlin regales us with the joys of motherhood and the well-kept state of the Earwolf bathroom before she and The…


Jiggling Cashews

Sklarbro Country #20December 10, 2010

This episode is Prediculously Sklar-larious! Todd Glass graces the calming shores (or are they mountains?) with the stories he has about performing with Aretha Franklin, giving and receiving comedy advice, and of course cashews. Randy and Jason try to figure out Pete…


Johnny B. Goode

Sklarbro Country #17November 19, 2010

Troublemakers and Evil Twins of the world, this is the show for you! Whether you're the type to beat up an eight-year-old at a football game, to wear pink cleats in opposition of your coach, or to commit the heinous crime of…


Helen Keller and Tim Tebow

Sklarbro Country #16November 12, 2010

First off, we'd like to apologize for any issues you guys might have had with the website this week. We, uh...forgot to renew the domain. Maybe we shouldn't have Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys as our web engineer. Regardless, Randy and…


Finding Love in the Country

Sklarbro Country #15November 4, 2010

This week's Sklarbro Country features two of America's finest orators: Comedian Greg Proops and former President George W. Bush. Randy and Jason run Sklarbitration for Randy Moss and help two lonely fans in New York City find each other. Proops discusses, quite…


Beware of Punters

Sklarbro Country #14October 28, 2010

Is there a brand new episode of Sklarbro Country? I don't know! Are Nick Swardson and Sam Elliott the guests? Must be, because I'm laughing! Randy and Jason discuss the mysterious lives of NFL punters and the bizarre prank played on ESPN's…


The Leonard Maltin Game

Sklarbro Country #12October 15, 2010

Things get sexy in Sklarbro Country this week! Randy and Jason discuss Brett Farve's revealing pictures and voice mail, James Wisniewski's inappropriate gesture towards Sean Avery, and Kevin Thornton from Color Me Badd's gospel singing career. So, maybe that last one doesn't…


Never Stop Believing

Sklarbro Country #11October 8, 2010

Welcome back to the Sklarbro Country! This week, The Sklars issue out some Sklarbitration both to listeners of the show AND to second-time guest Jerry Jones. Randy and Jason give their take on several viral videos: The president of Bolivia acting unsportsmanlike,…


Dinner with the Cowboys

Sklarbro Country #10September 30, 2010

There is so much to learn in this Sklarbro Country! Mathematically, we learn more efficient ways to spend $55,000 than treating the Dallas Cowboys to dinner. We get a medical lesson from Mike Birbiglia about REM Behavior Disorder, and a geography lesson…


Hamm It Up!

Sklarbro Country #9September 24, 2010

Stop: It's Hammer Time. Star of AMC's hit series, Mad Men, Jon Hamm, visits Sklarbro Country and takes a stroll down St. Louis memory lane with Randy and Jason. The brothers and Jon discuss everything from bad local commercials to cat rape…


Writing iTunes Reviews

Sklarbro Country #8September 17, 2010

Did you know that the average homeless person would rather listen to Sklarbro Country than use a LeBron James jersey for warmth? How can you blame them, with The Sklars bringing in fantastic guests like Janeane Garafalo and Snoop Dogg?!? The guys…


It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Sklarbro Country #7September 10, 2010

I'd venture a guess that Sklarbro Country is the only sports podcast that opens the show with slam poetry and closes it with an in-depth interview with Matthew McConaughey. I might even guess that they are the only podcast discussing Usain "Insane"…


The Origin of Henderson!

Sklarbro Country #6September 3, 2010

This episode of Sklarbro Country is hotter than a 12 acre golf-course fire! Comedian Jon Dore slips seamlessly into conversation with Randy and Jason and golf legend Tiger Woods "opens up" about the love he has for his wife Elin. The guys…


Al Quaida & Pete Maravich

Sklarbro Country #4August 20, 2010

If you're like me, or Udonis Haslem, you'll want to spark up a joint and enjoy this episode of Sklarbro with special guests comedian Wayne Federman and actor Sam Elliott. As Always you can expect listener emails, recent felonies in figure skating,…


It's Always Sunny

Sklarbro Country #3August 13, 2010

This week Steve Agee and Vin Scully stop by and visit the Sklar's to discuss Darryl Strawberry's entrepreneurial accolades, Brian Cushing's estrogen levels, and the football-player-on-Dancing-With-The-Stars cliche.Don't miss the introduction of "Things [Insert Name Here] Would Never Say." All of this and…


Welcome to Sklarbro Country

Sklarbro Country #1August 1, 2010

In the inaugural episode of Sklarbro country, Randy and Jason Sklar discuss everything from the movie Annie to black NBA star Amare Soudamire's claim that he is in fact a Jew. Also in this first episode, the brothers pitch ideas for Yao…

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