Chris Fairbanks

Chris Fairbanks is a skateboarder and illustrator who somehow finds time to tell jokes too. In fact, his collection of jokes (also known as an album) Fairbanks! has a four-and-a-half star rating on iTunes and a five star rating on Amazon. Additionally, he writes and performs on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit and has totally worked with Danny Glover.

Guest Appearances

Chris Fairbanks

Comedian Chris Fairbanks joins guest host Samm Levine for a lively chat about hip replacements, anger issues, and Canadian reggae singers.


Chris Fairbanks

Never Not Funny #2306September 19, 2018

Taking your licks with Chris Fairbanks. This episode is brought to you by Beach Body On Demand, For Hims (, and eero ( code: PARDO).


Chris Fairbanks, Caitlin Gill, Vanessa Gonzalez, Daniel Webb and host Rhea Butcher

Rhea talks gender reveal parties, camping and wizards. Sets from Caitlin Gill, Daniel Webb, Vanessa Gonzalez and Chris Fairbanks. This episode is brought to you by TomboyX ( and Audible (


A Mall and a Paul

Who Charted? #382April 4, 2018

Comedian Chris Fairbanks (Do You Need A Ride podcast) joins Howard and Natasha for this week’s Who Charted! We’ll hear about a fanatical group of gun-and-sand enthusiasts and the benefits of spa days while they count down Billboard’s Top 5 Country Songs.…


The Pancake Man

Comedy Bang Bang #189December 3, 2012

One of our favorite film directors Werner Herzog and one of America’s favorite comedians Chris Fairbanks are here on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Werner lets us know about his upcoming acting debut and Chris reveals the truth behind pancakes and flapjacks. Will…



This podcast is what you make of it; Nothing more, nothing less. More accurately, it is a discussion of art with comedian and artist Chris Fairbanks. From hand turkeys to sponge trees to the beauty you see in a person's eyes, we cover…


Turn the (Ellen) Page

Sklarbro Country #82February 17, 2012

Sklarbro Country is coming at you this week like a blind paralympian or a drunk Zamboni driver! Our guest is the lightning fast comedian Chris Fairbanks who talks to us about skateboarding, nudity as a defense in a fight, and what makes…


Put Ya Hands In The Air!

Who Charted? #8January 25, 2011

If you're listening to Who Charted? say YEAH! Chris Fairbanks (friend of Danny Glover, and Davy Crockett) takes a break from Fuel TV's The Daily Habit to rock some charts with Howard and Kulap. They talk about iTunes top selling tracks (or…


Family Counseling

Comedy Bang Bang #49April 16, 2010

Adam Scott is a phenomenal comedic actor who proves in this episode that he's hilarious in any medium. He somehow manages to be funny even with the tragedy that is relationship experts James and Cathy McDowell and their neglected son Damian Vast.…

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