Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan is an American actor/comedian, best known for his work on Saturday Night Live and role as Bob on the first four seasons of The Middle.

Guest Appearances

Kattan's in the Cradle

Horatio Sanz' SNL castmate, and first guest of The Hooray Show Chris Kattan returns to Bro Bro studios on a late Sunday night to help us celebrate the twentieth episode. Hooray Show regular, Joseph Nunez, happens to be doing his laundry in…


Kattany and Zooey

Host Horatio Sanz, along with his producer Chad Krueger, invite you into Bro-Bro Studio for the premier episode of The Hooray Show! Matt Walsh, co-founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade and Chris Kattan, former cast-mate of Horatio's on Saturday Night Live, drop…


The Hooray Show

Earwolf Presents #28November 25, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Hooray Show! Join your host Horatio Sanz and his producer Chad Krueger as they invite you into Bro Bro Studios where anything can happen. Expect some good ol' chit chat with some of Horatio's friends, special…

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