Chris Tallman

Chris Tallman is an actor and improviser who you’ve probably seen on Reno 911 on Crossballs. I really like those shows. He’s also appeared on the Superego podcast, which I really like. He was also really really good in The Sarah Silverman Program and Chocolate News and Kitten vs. Newborn. He’s really really great, if you haven’t gotten that yet.

Guest Appearances

The Travel Bug with August Lindt

You're in for a treat as Andy Daly & Matt Gourley bring you a remarkable festival of German accents in a travel themed podcast pilot hosted by pretzel maker/world traveler August Lindt. August is in fantastic German company as he welcomes legendary…


C'mon Big Man!

Sklarbro Country #149May 31, 2013

Remarkable improviser Chris Tallman swings by the calming shores to share tales of his Thailand hijinks on today‚Äôs Sklarbro Country! Chris tells us about his early beginnings with his sketch group The Bert Fershners, training at a gym with a very intense…


Fingerbang Lindbergh

Comedy Bang Bang #155April 23, 2012

Are you ready for the final episode of the third year of Comedy Bang Bang? What do you want more than anything from this episode of Comedy Bang Bang? To finally get that one-on-one exclusive interview with Patton Oswalt we keep trying…


Fortunately Unfortunately

Comedy Bang Bang #133November 28, 2011

Patton Oswalt is back in the Comedy Bang Bang hot seat! Fortunately, he has a new movie coming out and he's ready to give us all sorts of exclusive information. Unfortunately, we still have our open door policy and a gentleman named…

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