Christina Ochoa

Christina Ochoa is an actress, scientist, and published author. Christina is the grand niece of 1959 Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa, and daughter of acclaimed Spanish sculptor Victor Ochoa. Her entire life she was surrounded by members of both the scientific and artistic world. After graduating she went on to study Oceanographic Engineering at Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands and advanced Marine Biology studies in James Cook University in Australia. She soon after started gaining increasing interest in performance arts and writing. She has since successfully worked on both mediums consistently.

Guest Appearances


Professor Blastoff #100April 16, 2013

Time to celebrate the 100th episode of Professor Blastoff! Kyle starts off the show by admitting to a disease, David has a suspicious new shirt, and Tig reads live tweets from fans about her radiance. Then science expert, Christina Ochoa, comes to…



We had some technical difficulties that have delayed the still-forthcoming "Best of Professor Blastoff" episode, so we decided to strap in and settle in for a look at gravity. Actress and physicist Christina Ochoa explains gravitational pull and the always popular discussion…

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