Damien Fahey

Damien Fahey is a comedy writer and host of “The Morning After” on Hulu. Follow him on Twitter this minute at @damienfahey.

Guest Appearances


The Fogelnest Files #72January 9, 2014

Damien Fahey, Megan Koester, and Brock Wilbur join Jake LIVE from UCB-LA to look at some real dimwits. They'll chat about some classic catchphrases, check out some guys hanging out in trees, and watch the worst video on the internet. As always,…


Damien Fahey, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #8November 26, 2013

Sean and Hayes describe their favorite online grocery store TV shows and reveal the truth behind salacious Hollywood events as they read some blind items during Draw The Blinds Up. Then, DAMIEN FAHEY arrives to recall how Sean & Hayes ushered in…


It Fuels Me!

Totally Laime #192October 4, 2013

Elizabeth has been a fan of his from back in MTV's TRL days ~ Fantastic host, hilarious twitterer/comedy writer and performer, DAMIEN FAHEY came on and discussed why dairy grosses him out, how to harness the power of anger, why cruises are…



Sklarbro Country #151June 14, 2013

Radio host, former MTV VJ, and remarkable Twitter person Damien Fahey stops by to tell us how Derek Jeter would occasionally give him shit for being a Red Sox fan back in his TRL days on today’s Sklarbro Country! We also hear…


Jute Force

Sean and Hayes discover a curse that hangs over their podcast as they go over this week's events in singing shows. The Funniest Joke of the Week is declared. The two of them debate a controversial element of "The Amazing Race" and…

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