Dan Telfer

Dan Telfer has been writing and performing comedy since 1996. His debut CD EP “Fossil Record” was released in 2010 on AST Records was an iTunes Bestseller and was named by The Onion AV Club as one of the Best Comedy Albums of 2010. You can also get his latest album “Tendrils of Ruin” on iTunes. He currently works on the Comedy Central show @midnight.

Guest Appearances


Nerd Poker #103November 26, 2014

Dan Telfer, Rick Remender, and the gang take some cover under a stoop after their battle with a giant rat. Now they figure out what their plan is as they are surrounded by giants of different colors.


Wave that Pajuvi

Nerd Poker #102November 19, 2014

Dan Telfer and Rick Remender are back as they join the gang in their journey to escape the red giants. They conjure up a red lady giant as a distraction as they run toward the docks.


A Butt Goes Forever

Nerd Poker #97October 15, 2014

Friends of the show Dan Telfer & Rick Remender are back taking on the roles of Lyra & Winter on this week's episode of Nerd Poker! Our nerds had a little altercation with a red giant which left him all cut up.…


Sweet Potatoes

Nerd Poker #96October 8, 2014

Special guests Dan Telfer & Rick Remender sit in for Lyra & Winter on this week’s episode of Nerd Poker! We join our heroes as they talk with a red giant and learn about the history of the colorful islands inhabited by…


Eye of the River of Ants

Nerd Poker #93September 17, 2014

After a quick Guich Koock refresher, special guest Dan Telfer returns to join the gang as they continue to evade the colossal ants. They finally gain momentum and move forward until they hit giant staircases. Being cornered by the golden horse ants,…


Suck It With Your Mandibles

Nerd Poker #92September 10, 2014

This week, after VERY SHORT donor & Chuck Mangione segments, special guest Dan Telfer & the gang continues down the path into night. They run afoul of Cadillac, Horse & Hearse sized gold ants and the elusive actor who played JFK. Will…


Scavenge and the Wisemen

Comedy Bang Bang #135December 12, 2011

We have a lot of fun here on Comedy Bang Bang, but this week we'd like to share an important holiday message with you all. You see, the holidays are a time for friendship, giving, forgiveness, cakes, and Would You Rather?! This…

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