David Bell

David Bell is an editor for Cracked.com

Guest Appearances

Uncle Buck

Cracked Movie Club #22November 30, 2017

John Hughes month concludes on Cracked Movie Club! By 1989, John Hughes was closing out a decade of wild success with teen comedies and had been steadily branching out into more adult-oriented fare, most of which starred John Candy. Hughes kept that…


Escape From New York

Cracked Movie Club #14October 5, 2017

John Carpenter month begins on Cracked Movie Club! Way back in 1981, John Carpenter was an emerging low-budget horror director with a few modest successes to his name when he released his dystopian action masterpiece¬†Escape From New York, the movie that launched…


Secret Rules that Determine if a Movie is Successful

Last year, of the ten highest grossing films at the American box office, nine were adaptations of one of the following: a Marvel property, a Disney property, a line of toys or a fantasy novel. You could easily guess what movies these…

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