DC Pierson

DC Pierson is one of my favorite people in comedy, so it’ll be hard for me to keep this neutral (you know, the way the rest totally are). He’s the author of The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To, which as we all know is the best book of all the books. He’s one of the stars of Mystery Team, which as we all know is the best movie of all the movies. You probably remember him from Derrick Comedy, which as we all know is…ugh, I’m annoying myself.

Guest Appearances

DC Pierson, Our Saturday Night Friend

Hollywood Handbook #207October 10, 2017

Sean and Hayes welcome DC PIERSON into the studio to share characters from their SNL audition tapes.     This episode is sponsored by the Second City Training Center, Casper Mattresses (code: HANDBOOK), and ZipRecruiter.


Improving Brett's House with DC Pierson

Hollywood Handbook #115January 5, 2016

Sean and the Earwolf studio are unavailable so Hayes and DC Pierson are forced to record from Engineer Brett's home and take drastic measures to make it not as bad.  


Captain America: The Winter Soldier with D.C. Pierson

I Was There Too #12April 2, 2015

Writer and comedian D.C. Pierson joins Matt to chat about his role as Aaron, the Apple store employee who helps and potentially hinders Captain America and Black Widow on their rogue quest for information in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Their conversation…


Ben Rodgers, DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes, Eric Appel, Our Potential LIVE Employees

Hollywood Handbook #72February 24, 2015

Hayes and Sean are coming to you LIVE from UCB-Sunset in Los Angeles with house band MIKAL CRONIN. The guys chat about their time at the #SNL40 celebration and help audience members make the movie of their dreams. Then, they welcome young…


DC Pierson, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #23March 11, 2014

Sean and Hayes start the show off by discussing a trend in media lately that they love: rando humor, or comedy that comes out of nowhere! Then, close friend of the show DC PIERSON joins the guys to walk through the evolution of…


Duke of Leon

Who Charted? #124April 17, 2013

DC Pierson talks long hair with Howard & Kulap on today’s Who Charted! They discuss Blue Man Group, EDM artists, and Jay-Z & Beyonce’s trip to Cuba during the Billboard Dance/Electric Digital Songs Chart. DC also talks biopics, comic book movies, and…



It's a festive atmosphere in the hatch on today's Professor Blastoff! Aaron apologizes for messing up his own half birthday, Tig considers having a party for her birthday, and they all wonder how Tig would behave at a bachelorette party. Then wunderkind…


Flyest Bidder!

Totally Laime #163March 15, 2013

It's history for Totally Laime - our first ever 3rd time guest makes an appearance and does not disappoint! Author, performer, all-around great guy DC PIERSON stops by and talks reality tv, imaginary jobs, and getting bamboozled. Go buy his new book…


the reality SHOW show

Earwolf Presents #15November 5, 2012

It's the first episode of the reality SHOW show! Sean and Hayes address the feelings they experienced watching this week’s singing competition shows. A segment of “Shark Tank” is analyzed via a game of Tanks But No Tanks. Hayes sits down for…


Drop That Little Bug

Sean and Hayes address the feelings they experienced watching this week's singing competition shows. A segment of "Shark Tank" is analyzed via a game of Tanks But No Tanks. Hayes sits down for a pre-taped interview with Survivor producer Charlie Parsons. DC…



The Fogelnest Files #7October 23, 2012

Comedian, author, and filmmaker DC Pierson finds Jake’s pop culture g-spot on today’s in-studio edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! DC talks about making a custom rap for anyone who pre-orders his new book Crap Kingdom, explains how his sketch comedy group Derrick…


Put It On Repeat!

Totally Laime #29August 19, 2010

DC Pierson, our first "repeat offender" stakes his claim as the Alec Baldwin of the Totally Laime Podcast by talking bitches, Magic, and the biz. Hopefully he'll come back even though psychic Andy tried to show him his "science"! Enjoy.


Double Penetration!

Totally Laime #10April 8, 2010

We decided to celebrate our 10th podcast with double the funny - Comedy writers/performers Dan Gregor of the Chubby Skinny Kids and Dc Pierson of Derrick comedy came over and rocked our lamb skins! Enjoy.

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