Deanna Cheng

Deanna Cheng has written, directed and/or starred in several viral videos for FunnyorDie, including: The Real Housewives of NJ with Jaime-Lynn Sigler, The Kevin Bacon Movie Club, It Happens at the Coffee Bean , An Adele Listening Party & Havin’ a Summah with Zooey Deschanel & Earwolf’s own Howard Kremer. Deanna can be found on the television shows: Marry Me, Hotwives of Las Vegas & Filthy Preppy Teen$ and performs at storytelling shows around town.


Guest Appearances

RHSLC: Reunion Part 1 (w/ June Diane Raphael, Elizabeth Laime, Matt McConkey, Denna Cheng)

Your love tanks will all be filled by this PRE VALENTINES DAY crossover SISTER WIVES/HOUSEWIVES episode fuckfest. To open, Casey sits down for a heart to heart with legends June Diane Raphael and Elizabeth Laime, all about Cody and the gals. They…


Fully Charged (w/ Danielle Henderson, Deanna Cheng)

Danielle is blessed to have Bitch Sesh fave Deanna Cheng step in for Casey this week (Happy Birthday Casey!), and they are joined by an even better Danielle, Danielle Henderson (writer and former RHOA recapper for Vulture). (better) Danielle takes us through…



Enjoy this Corona free LOVE IS BLIND VERY SPECIAL EPISODE. Casey is joined by the delightful Deanna Cheng and lovely Jarrett Wieselman from Netflix who has some insider info on this important national phenom - sweeping the world more than CV! Enough…


Caught Between an Ex and a Hard Place (w/ Deanna Cheng)

Casey and Danielle are joined by the incomparable Deanna Cheng. THEY CANT STOP TALKING ABOUT NY BECAUSE NY IS GIVING US EVERYTHING AND IF YOU DONT AGREE WE DONT KNOW EACH OTHER ANYMORE!!!!! They also delve into Potomac, Bev Hills and Southern…


Eat Drink and Be Married (w/ Deanna Cheng, Lyric Lewis)

Danielle is joined by the always refreshing( like Denise Richards) Deanna Cheng and they talk to Atlanta super fan Lyric Lewis (AP Bio) to discuss the gift and mystery that is Marlo Hampton as well as Lyric’s important theory about “belt gate”. …


Rodeo Barbie

Bitchsesh is back and, much like Leanne’s beer burps, sometimes Casey and Danielle are gonna utter things that are difficult to hear, like Steve Lodge brought some sex appeal this week. Also Casey defends her controversial spinning statement, while Deanna Cheng chimes…


Arrest and Relaxation (w/ Deanna Cheng)

Casey is back in the nook and it feels so good. Joining her for this miniature ep is Deanna Cheng who, while recently having been attacked by a dog, looks fresh as a daisy. They discuss Casey’s dirty past, the promo for…


Tea for Tat (w/ Deanna Cheng)

Lu's drunken tirade, Tinsley's primal scream, Cameron's husband's penis, Kyle's stolen purses, Nivea moisturizer, so much to cover and Casey and Danielle take it ALL on this week with the help of Deanna Cheng and Dennis Rodman.God bless America! This episode is…


Don't Rock the Boat (w/ Deanna Cheng, Michael Rapaport, Matt Besser)

Danielle and special co-host/Dennis Rodman truther Deanna Cheng have quite a task in front of them with THREE cities to cover this week, so they bring in fan favorite Michael Rapaport to help and he COMES TO PLAY. They talk pigtails, tiny…


Sweet Georgia Jayne (w/ Deanna Cheng)

Casey and Danielle are joined by fan favorite Deanna Cheng to discuss some "grotesque" artwork that has made them doubt all they know to be true. They also talk Porsha's carpet munching, Phaedra's restoration and Bob's breasts. The ladies also seriously deliberate…


It's Expensive to Be Me (w/ Deanna Cheng, Matt McConkey)

This week the nook is graced by TWO members of the Bitch Sesh FAMBLY,  Deanna Cheng and Matt McConkey and they don't hold back one bit. From Rinna's wig to Sheree's straws to Mauricio's post coital whispers, nothing goes untouched. Also, the…


Rock Bottom with Matt McConkey Episode 4

An exciting finale event to celebrate the almost-exciting finale of Finding Prince Charming! The “winner” of FPC himself, Eric Leonardos, joins us for the interview and maybe-almost-kind-of makes Matt cry. Plus: dating tips from gay deities Ronna & Beverly; and powerful insights…


Bye, Bye Beadors: Live from Largo (w/ Brian Moylan, Deanna Cheng)

Join Casey and Danielle for a live show at Largo that goes deep and gets dark... or DANK. The girls rock out to LOCK, read a text exchange known as "Ghost Post" and try to comprehend the boots on the ground. With special…


Invitation Interrupted

Fan fave and dear friend Deanna Cheng (OMFG! podcast) joins Casey and Danielle to dive deep into RHONY this week. Between Jules' divorce, Yolanda's premature exit and T-Rav's dinner party explosion, they have to lot to process. Also, they discuss LuAnn's unhinged behavior and Bethenny's…


Teen Witch

How Did This Get Made? #130February 24, 2016

Paul, June, and Jason are back in the studio and welcome Deanna Cheng of OMFG! to discuss the 1989 film Teen Witch starring Robyn Lively and Zelda Rubinstein. They'll cover everything including bedroom chairs, condom chanting, the murder house that is not…


Mind Your Manners/Going Deep

Join Casey by Alene Too and Danielle Bella Gray as they discuss The Real Housewives of Potomac premiere (YAAAS Giselle!), the morally corrupt Faye Resnick and the former life of Yolanda's health aide. They are joined by the incomparable Deanna Chang who…


Man Bun Outbreak of 2015

Man Buns are EVERYWHERE. Deanna & Emily take a deep dive into the world of manly buns. They unpack what's hot and what's not about the Man Bun, when you should (or most likely shouldn't) rock the bun, and uncover actual tutorials…


OMFG! In The Streets!

While Emily is getting married, Deanna hits the streets of LA to ask real life teens what’s on fleek this week. Join Deanna as she talks to the youth about what “trill” means, finding man buns attractive, and what does it mean…

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