Derek Waters

Derek Waters is an actor and comedian who has been featured on Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Happy Endings, Hall Pass and created the web-series Drunk History.

Guest Appearances

Sklarbro County 119

Sklarbro Country #214.5September 2, 2014

The creator and star of Drunk History, Derek Waters joins the boys with many tales of the Baltimore Orioles and Pearl Jam on today's Sklarbro County! We get deep into Derek’s love of the Baltimore Orioles, the Cal Ripken & Kevin Costner…


Body Texting

Who Charted? #103November 21, 2012

Drunk History’s Derek Waters explores the idea of body texting on this week’s Who Charted! Derek talks about being mistaken for being drunk his whole life, his love of Christina Aguilera, and why he once spilled Coke on his head with the…

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