Dhruv Uday Singh

Dhruv Uday Singh

Dhruv Uday Singh is an actor, writer, filmmaker, improviser, and other things you can just say you are. He was born and raised in Mumbai (then Bombay), India, and moved to L.A. to study Creative Writing and Film at the University of Southern California.

Dhruv performs weekly with the Harold team Rococo (Mondays and Fridays at UCB Franklin) and writes on the Maude team Nephew (the first Wednesday every month at UCB Sunset). He hosts the Harold Matchmaker (the first Tuesday every month at the Inner Sanctum at UCB Sunset), where Harold team players are paired off for two-person shows. He does and has done a lot of other shows too, like a bunch of one-man sketch and narrative shows, Sketch Cram, UCB ComicCon, For Serial, Spoiler Country and the Best of UCB Showcase, Starpunch. He sometimes performs at iO West and the Groundlings, and does all the indie shows he can handle.

Guest Appearances

Literal Web

Comedy Bang Bang #568October 7, 2018

Actor, writer, comedian Ike Barinholtz joins Scott once again to talk about his new film The Oath, which he has written, directed and stars in, the main crucial scene he will be in for the next Star Wars, and his next project…


The Ten

improv4humans #359September 6, 2018

Earwolf has a new improv show, and all of the performers are YouTube stars! Matt Besser gets to know a slew of multi-platform influencers, internet celebrities and content creators as they iron out all their beefs and feuds through the art of…


Ro…ller Co…aster O…ne

Comedy Bang Bang #538March 25, 2018

Comedian and star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chelsea Peretti makes her incredible return to Comedy Bang! Bang! Chelsea chats with Scott about the story of her husband falling for her after hearing her on CBB, meeting relatives for the first time in Italy,…


Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Off-Puttingly Enthusiastic (w/ Dhruv Uday Singh)

Hard Nation #89December 13, 2017

The star and creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Dhruv Uday Singh) freestyles through a very dramatic Hard Nation. Lin talks about his all-cat musical Mewsies, envisions a musical based on the Hard brothers and challenges Pete to a duel. Plus: Mark is…


Debate 2016: Defeating the Cyber (w/ Gilli Nissim, Dhruv Uday Singh, Jamie Denbo)

Hard Nation #27September 28, 2016

Debate season has begun, and Mark and Pete have invited celebrity campaign surrogates Lena Dunham (Gilli Nissim), George Clooney (Dhruv Uday Singh) and returning favorite Gennifer Flowers (Jamie Denbo) to discuss the first Clinton-Trump face off. Who gave Trump cocaine before the…


Marriage Money

improv4humans #177March 5, 2015

Will Hines, Gilli Nissim, Dhruv Uday Singh, Kale Hills, and Heather Woodward join Matt Besser for an unprecedented improv6humans! We’ll see what it’s like when J.K. Simmons walks into the OZ writers room, find out what exactly is marriage money, and hear…

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