Don Fanelli

Don performs with The Stepfathers every Friday night at 9pm and travels across the country with The Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company. He also occasionally performs with Hot for Teacher, the UCB Faculty Show, at the UCB East. His sketch show Sketches From An Italian Restaurant: A Billy Joel Sketch Show just completed its run. Don has studied improv under many amazing teachers at the UCB and is also a graduate of the William Esper Studio, having studied with Bill Esper in the two year acting intensive. UCB Theatre credits include The Chris Gethard Show, Character’s Welcome, Chris Gethard’s ( ), Sketch Cram, Death Wears Stilettos, The Movie, Cops & Robbers, The Brooks Brothers Clambake, and A Harry Potter Musical. Don has been on many Harold Teams including Sandino and Salmon Diane and Maude Teams Gramps and Dinner. He can also be seen performing often with his indie teams: Fuck That Shit! (A Comedy Team), Dreadnought (Performed in a sushi restaurant), and Sabonis (Winner of the 2011 & 2012 3×3 Tournament and 2013 finalists). Don has appeared on 30 Rock, The Late Show with David Letterman, MTV’s Failosophy, Hey Girl, and Girl Code, Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, and in various Above Average, College Humor, UCB Comedy, and LandlineTV videos. Don has also performed at the NY Sketchfest and Chicago’s Just for Laughs Festival. Diddy personally gave him the nickname, Luther, with no explanation. So he will answer to that now. Check out updated videos at:

Guest Appearances

Brick City Dookie Balls

improv4humans #512August 18, 2021

Aman Adumer, Don Fanelli, and Pam Murphy join Matt Besser to improvise scenes about a brick store in Newark, Hogwarts House interactions, awful concert conditions, pitching an idea with some dookie on ya, and more!


The Best of i4h Vol. 11

improv4humans #444April 22, 2020

Please enjoy this compilation of some of the best scenes from 2019! These performances feature James Adomian, Horatio Sanz, Jessica McKenna, Jon Gabrus, Joel Spence, Alex Fernie, Sean Conroy, Dhruv Uday Singh, James Mastraieni, Matt Newell, John Gemberling, Andy Daly, Don Fanelli,…


Magic For Measles

improv4humans #393May 1, 2019

Andy Daly, Laura Willcox, and Don Fanelli join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They’ll perform scenes about competitive concert attendees, a fight over the validity of a chocolate treat, and a previously unseen typo in the Declaration of Independence. Plus, grocery…


The Best of i4h Vol. 9

improv4humans #368November 7, 2018

The humons have cast their votes, and here are your favorite scenes of 2018! These performances feature Don Fanelli, Laura Willcox, Gil Ozeri, John Gemberling, Curtis Gwinn, Tim Meadows, Peter Hulne, Colton Dunn, Jon Gabrus, James Adomian, Betsy Sodaro, Horatio Sanz, Lauren…


Sing A Long Experiment #4: LIVE from UCB Sunset and SXSW

improv4humans #336March 29, 2018

Scott Aukerman, Horatio Sanz, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, Craig Rowin, Mookie Blaiklock, Peter Hulne, St. Lenox, Laura Willcox, Don Fanelli, Brett Morris, James Adomian, and Betsy Sodaro join Matt Besser for LIVE Sing A Long experiments from UCB Sunset's Inner Sanctum and…


Don Fanelli - Spotlight On: Ashton Whispers

WOMP It Up! #31February 6, 2018

New-ish student and the only junior with a full beard Ashton Whispers joins Marissa and Listler this week to share his moving original poetry. Ashton aka the King of Mystery talks about living on a military base in San Pedro, having a…


Lana Del Rey's New Hit Song

improv4humans #326January 18, 2018

Don Fanelli and Laura Willcox join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform scenes about PTSD after a bomb cyclone, Don’s mom’s obsession with the soundtrack from The Holiday, and a complicated audition for a Dr. Scholl’s ad. Plus, Lana Del…


Shuba Shobo Shoezaphone

improv4humans #310September 28, 2017

Tim Meadows, Dan Lippert, and Don Fanelli join Matt Besser for this week's improv4humans! They improvise scenes about shoe-based instruments, a student with a highly unusual name, and the truth about the iPhone 9. Later, the finalists in the intern contest show…


Donald Trump Jr: Prince of the White House (w/ Don Fanelli)

On this episode of HARD NATION, the guys are joined by President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. (Don Fanelli). They break down cow taxes and milk economics; Donald Jr.'s consulting tactics for "Romano Inc."; plus the art of sleeping in a suit! …


Dan O'Brien and the Glass Grass Field

improv4humans #288April 27, 2017

Playwright Dan O’Brien and actors Tim Cummings and Brian Henderson join improvisers Mike Hanford, Sean Conroy, and Don Fanelli for a theatrical episode of improv4humans! Dan, Tim, and Brian present selections from Dan’s new stage play “The House in Scarsdale” that inspire…


The Revenant Package

improv4humans #277February 9, 2017

Charlie Sanders, Don Fanelli, and Laura Willcox join Matt Besser to experience a hardcore snow room on this week's improv4humans! A child services agent has issues with interior design, a congresswoman takes a stand against her own daughter's artwork, and an author…


Gallant and Gallant

improv4humans #258September 22, 2016

Allan McLeod, Mike Mitchell, Don Fanelli, and Laura Willcox join Matt Besser on this week's episode of improv4humans. They follow Mike as he strives to trap himself a wife, find out what Game of Thrones would be like if it followed a…


Happy Rain

improv4humans #253August 18, 2016

Danielle Schneider, Don Fanelli, and Dannah Phirman join Matt Besser on this week's improv4humans! They improvise scenes about the best reason to get the redshirt on a football team, wealthy homeowners engaged in serene shakedowns, and a hands-on approach to finding out…


Don Fanelli and Laura Willcox: Fixher Upper with Chap and Joyanna

Chap and Joyanna Baines (Don Fanelli and Laura Willcox) are the stars of HBTV's Fixher Upper. Chap and Joyanna love to fix up homes, renovate new homes, and give the women who live there advice on how to fix the upper part…


Don Fanelli: Trash Talk with Tony Tushie

Welcome back trash baggies to the 10th episode of Trash Talk hosted by Tony Tushie (Don Fanelli)! It's the podcast for Garbage men by Garbage men where we talk about the trash, the biz, and trash talk some people. This week Tony…


LIVE from DCM 17 Pt. 2

improv4humans #195July 9, 2015

Recorded LIVE at UCBeast from the 17th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York is part 2 of a tremendous improv4humans with Matt Besser featuring an incredible roster of improvisers which include Anthony Atamanuik, Alexandra Dickson, Connor Ratliff, Chad Carter, Natasha Rothwell,…

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