Echo Kellum

Echo Kellum is a comedian, writer, actor and producer. He moved to LA in late 2009 and started studying at various comedy venues around town. Some of which include IO West, The Groundlings and UCB. He performs on the UCB improv team, “Winslow” and the sketch team, “New Money” and is also on the UCB diversity committee and the Thomas Angel Foundation board, which gives four annual scholarships to deserving women to take classes year round at UCB. He’s been on multiple TV series that people haven’t given a chance (come on people, they were funny). He also like long walks on the beach, politics and science. Press 5 for more info.

Guest Appearances

Live from Politicon 2015

improv4humans #211October 29, 2015

Echo Kellum, Mike Still, and Jon Gabrus get political for an improv4humans with Matt Besser recorded LIVE from Politicon 2015 in Los Angeles! They'll show us what a debate between three Donald Trump like politicians would be like, recreate an episode of…


Meryl's New Moves

Who Charted? #244August 5, 2015

Howard and Kulap kick off the show by explaining why the only place to keep your headphones is in the fridge. Then, the gang welcomes Echo Kellum, who talks about the time he stole a kiss from Kulap, the many roles he's…


Mr. Terrific

Ronna & Beverly #112July 31, 2015

The handsome and hilarious Echo Kellum joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about being a professional child actor in Chicago, his children, Wyatt Cenac’s experience working with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, and his upcoming role as superhero Mr. Terrific on…


Summer Stache

improv4humans #197July 23, 2015

Dan Lippert, Drew Tarver, Drew Spears, and Echo Kellum join Matt Besser for a jam packed improv5humans! They’ll look to a party hero for guidance when crisis hits, break the rock band norms, and pitch new Subway games. They also check in…

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