Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is the director of all those things that you like. Remember how much you love Shawn of the Dead? Remember how you had a Hot Fuzz poster in your dorm room? Oh, and remember Spaced? Remember how happy you were when Netflix recommended it to you? Remember how you waited in line for several hours to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and you annoyed everyone in line talking about how excited you were to see it even though they were clearly as excited as you were? This happened to everyone, right?

Guest Appearances


Comedy Bang Bang #240August 23, 2013

The trio of filmmakers from The World’s End, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost are on today’s B-B-B-B-ONUS episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll explain how the Cornetto trilogy came to be, describe some of the themes of their film “The…


Hats Off to Caruso

Comedy Bang Bang #114July 18, 2011

The Earwolf studio is experiencing a British Invasion! They're coming to Attack the Block and we're too Spaced to call the Hot Fuzz. It feels like Earwolf Vs. The World and hopefully we won't end up (Shaun of the) Dead (okay, I'm…

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