Eugene Cordero

Eugene Cordero is an absolutely killer improviser from the mean streets of the UCB. The television world seems to have picked up on Eugene’s genius because I’ve recently seen him on The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. And has he been in movies? YES he’s been in movies! Movies like When in Rome and Furry Vengeance! If you happen to be at the UCB the same night as he is performing, you are a lucky lucky fella (or lady)!

Guest Appearances

Joey Cape's One Week Records

improv4humans #151September 11, 2014

The great Joey Cape of the seminal punk rock band Lagwagon joins Seth Morris, Joel Spence, and Eugene Cordero for a musical edition of improv4humans with Matt Besser! Accompanied by his experimental band (Chris Cresswell on guitar/vocals, Brian Wahlstrom on piano, and…


Science Fiction

Happy 4th of July race cars! Andrew Ti and special guest Eugene Cordero finish the week off by discussing science fiction characters dismissing other cultures as bad. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Criticizing Interracial Dating

On today's episode, Andrew and Eugene Cordero talk about if it's racist to criticize a black man for dating a white woman. Don’t forget to keep leaving us messages by calling (323) 389-RACE.


Aged Racism

Eugene Cordero & Andrew discuss a caller’s issue with his Rwanda boss talking shit about Nigerians and aged racism. Be sure to keep leaving us messages at (323) 389-RACE.


Hating On The World Cup

Hilarious actor, comedian, improviser Eugene Cordero & Andrew talk about people hating on the World Cup. Make sure to leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Naming Your Child Nelson Mandela

The hilarious Eugene Cordero joins Andrew Ti all this week to answer some racism questions. Today they talk about if it's racist for white parents to name their kid Nelson Mandela. Be sure to call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask if…


Don't Be A Dork

improv4humans #140June 26, 2014

Aloha! Charlie Sanders, Eugene Cordero, and Dan Lippert create an authentic Hawaiian experience on today's improv4humans with Matt Besser! They’ll also play a game of Dungeons & Dragons, meet the famous famous footwear hermit, and find out what really happens when someone…


Monster Muscles

Comedy Bang Bang #293June 12, 2014

21 and 22 Jump Street directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller join Scott & intern Gino Lambardo for special emergency bonus episode of Comedy Bing Bong! We'll get into Lord & Miller's career from Clone High to The Lego Movie, find out…


Cat Cafe!

Totally Laime #223May 9, 2014

It's our first podcast back out of the baby haze and we've got a great guest! The talented and hilarious EUGENE CORDERO came on and discussed his recent Eastern European travels, his theory on getting stopped at every airport security check machine,…


Ben Lee & the Seeing-Eye Lizards

improv4humans #122February 27, 2014

Tune in for a special improv4humans with musical guest, Ben Lee, and the best improvisers in the universe Sean Conroy, Eugene Cordero, and Danielle Schneider. In this episode, pregnant with baby references, Ben Lee plays some great short songs that the improvisers use…


Bonus Cut: 4, 2, Apple Pie

improv4humans #105.5November 5, 2013

Wayne Federman, Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Alex Fernie are back with a robotic mannequin on this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Plus, a letter from Matt’s grandma shows us how simple and beautiful life used to be. You can now get…


Zombie Lisp

improv4humans #105October 31, 2013

No tricks and instead all treats this Halloween on a special improv5humans with Wayne Federman, Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Alex Fernie! Take a listen as they explore Lithuanian fountains, experience some stressful massages, and be part of a realistic zombie movie.…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 3

improv4humans #100September 26, 2013

Join us in celebration of the 100th episode of the greatest podcast in the universe with some of your favorite improv4humans scenes featuring Seth Morris, Mookie Blaiklock, Will McLaughlin, Zack Pearlman, Adam Pally, John Gemberling, Mike Still, Joel Spence, Stephanie Allynne, Ben…


Bonus Cut: Best of What's Bothering You? Special

improv4humans #98.5September 17, 2013

We’ve gathered some of our favorite What’s Bothering You? segments for this week’s special bonus episode of improv4humans which features an all-star roster of improvisers which includes Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, Billy Merritt, Andy Daly, Stephanie Allynne, Chris Kula, Sean Clements, Neil…


Bonus Cut: Making Out

improv4humans #95.5August 27, 2013

Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Billy Merritt discover that making out is not what it’s all cracked up to be on this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Enjoy! Come out and see improv4humans LIVE at Bumbershoot on Labor Day Weekend! For more…


I Pet A Tiger!

improv4humans #95August 22, 2013

Step into the chamber with Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, and Billy Merritt on today’s improv4humans! They’ll run into a couple of citizens of Google town, bring back stoning, and create a makeover show like you’ve never seen before. Wowza! You can now…


Filipino Blockbuster

Comedy Bang Bang #237August 8, 2013

1/3 of the Nerdist podcast & host of Jonah Raydio, Jonah Ray makes his first appearance along with fan favorite Nick Thune for a bro out sesh on this week’s b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! After the guys confess their love…


Titans of Comedy

Comedy Bang Bang #205March 7, 2013

It’s an all star studded show as Anthony Jeselnik, Eugene Mirman, and Nathan Fielder aka the Titans of Comedy stop by for a larger than life episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They talk about Anthony’s new show The Jeselnik Offensive, Nathan’s new…


Bonus Cut: Cougie

improv4humans #66.5February 12, 2013

Sean Conroy, Eugene Cordero, and Will McLaughlin are back this week for a bonus episode of improv4humans! They explore the world of cougies and cougars. Enjoy!


Cop Donkey

improv4humans #66February 7, 2013

Take a break from catfishing that special someone and listen to today’s improv4humans with Sean Conroy, Eugene Cordero, and Will McLaughlin! It’s better than getting a massage from a cat masseuse and you’ll learn a thing or two about defending yourself. Be…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 2

improv4humans #56November 29, 2012

Once again we asked YOU which were some of your favorite scenes from the past episodes of improv4humans and we put together volume 2 of this special collection of improvised scenes. Listen to an all star cast of improvisers create scenes based…


Why or Why Not?

improv4humans #54November 15, 2012

Charlie Sanders, Eugene Cordero, and Jon Gabrus join Matt Besser to improvise scenes inspired by Eric the formerly paid Intern’s Man on the Street Interviews with some very intimidating voters. They will explore topics such as fast paced game shows, the Russian…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 1

improv4humans #45September 20, 2012

We took to the Earwolf Forums and asked YOU which were the best scenes in the past episodes of improv4humans and had so many to choose from that we split them into two very special sampler episodes. Enjoy this pu-pu platter of…


Bonus Cut: Bump It

improv4humans #44.5September 18, 2012

It’s time to get warmed up for this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Our guests Lauren Lapkus, Dave Theune, and Eugene Cordero go to work with a scene inspired by a story about a rival town.


Straight Holes

improv4humans #44September 13, 2012

You’ll want to give someone a Christian Hug after listening to this week’s improv4humans! Lauren Lapkus, Dave Theune, and Eugene Cordero join Matt Besser to make purple with a special Lauren Lapkus Birthday episode filled with scenes about tripping on mushrooms, the…


Airport Pat Downs

improv4humans #12February 2, 2012

Don't be such a baby! Listen to improv4humans featuring Brett Gelman, Will McLaughlin, and Eugene Cordero. It's more refreshing than a crisp, cool bottle of water and more thrilling than getting candy from Michael Jordan. Be sure to pick up an improv4humans…


Muay Thai and Puppy Dogs!

Totally Laime #77July 24, 2011

He's one of the funniest and most fun-to-watch improvisers in the game and on top of that, he and his talented wife adopted their puppy from Elizabeth's rescue - it's safe to say that comedy performer EUGENE CORDERO is on Totally Laime's…

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