Eugene Mirman

Eugene Mirman will someday be known as the man who single handedly shut down Time Warner with his hilarious jokes. Until then, he is known as one of the finest working comedians. His albums The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman, En Garde, Society!, and God is a Twelve-Year-Old Boy with Aspberger’s have staked their claims on many a “Best Of…” list. I worry, because the word count for this won’t be long enough to include everything else he’s done. So just look him up. Promise me you will?!

Guest Appearances

Titans of Comedy

Comedy Bang Bang #205March 7, 2013

It’s an all star studded show as Anthony Jeselnik, Eugene Mirman, and Nathan Fielder aka the Titans of Comedy stop by for a larger than life episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They talk about Anthony’s new show The Jeselnik Offensive, Nathan’s new…


Living The American Dream

Sklarbro Country #132February 1, 2013

Indie comic darling Eugene Mirman visits the calming shores to talk about the first time he met Randy & Jason in New York, opening for bands such as The Shins, and moving to America from Russia at the age of 4. He…


Who'd Fuck Tom Brady?

Comedy Bang Bang #79November 9, 2010

Comedy Bang Bang is always trying to do great things for mankind, whether through helping out a poor delinquent child or bringing in amazing comedians for us all to enjoy. This episode does both! Claire Woodruff (who does not have a robot…

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