Fiona Ginty

Fiona Ginty

Fiona Ginty is a Principal Scientist in the Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics Organization at GE Global Research (GRC). She joined GRC in 2005 and has contributed to and led research in biomarker applications and diagnostic technology development in metabolic disease, neurology and oncology domains. She has led a multidisciplinary team that developed a novel method for measuring multiple protein biomarkers in intact FFPE tissue, including downstream research and clinical applications. The platform was commercially launched as MultiOmyx™ in 2013 by Clarient GEHC. Prior to joining GE she was a Senior Research Scientist with the Bone Biology group at the Human Nutrition Research Laboratory, Medical Research Council in Cambridge, UK. Prior to that, she conducted postdoctoral research in the Minerals Research Group at Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Guest Appearances

BONUS! Why You May Live To 150 And Never Feel Older Than 30

The Cracked Podcast #98November 29, 2015

In Ron Howard's 1985 movie 'Cocoon,' a group of elderly people living in a Florida retirement community become magically rejuvenated by aliens. It plays out as a fantasy, a hilarious what-if scenario about old people acting young. The movie seems more fiction…

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