Greg Behrendt

Greg Behrendt wears many a hat: There is of course the stand-up comedy hat (baseball cap?). One of his better fitting hats is his surf/ska guitarist hat (fedora, obviously). He’s got a best-selling dating advice book author hat (…fedora, again?), and star-of-his-own-talk-show hat (I don’t know much about hats, I guess). I think we’re all familiar with the famous podcaster hat, which Greg proudly wears as the co-host of Walking the Room. While you’re out hat shopping, pick up Greg Behrendt is Uncool and Greg Behrendt is That Guy from That Thing.

Guest Appearances

Greg Behrendt

Never Not Funny #16TfJuly 23, 2015

Dancing in the deepest oceans with Greg Behrendt.



Tig, Kyle, and David are all back together again to chat about what's new in their personal lives. Then, Greg Behrendt stops by the hatch to talk about his emotional journey as a writer that took him through mental health, addiction, and depression.…


Greg Behrendt

Never Not Funny #1409April 3, 2014

Layering up with Greg Behrendt.   This episode is sponsored by Naturebox. Go to to save on delicious snacks.



Totally Laime #174May 31, 2013

Stand up comedian, author, and co-host of Walking the Room  is in tha house! Greg Behrendt comes on and talks car salesmen, why the "why's?" go deep in parenthood, how the vagina is worth exploring for women, and oh yeah, aspiring to…


Walking The Room

The Wolf Den #45December 8, 2011

Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony have a podcast called Walking the Room that is considered by many "a podcaster's podcast." They leave their closet to join us in The Wolf Den to talk to us about the way the podcast has changed…


Walking The Countryside

Sklarbro Country #32March 3, 2011

Turn off the Nickelback, put on your most aerodynamic slippers, and make your way down to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country. Randy and Jason welcome fellow podcasting duo Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt of Walking the Room to the show this…


Never Date a "Brown"

Comedy Bang Bang #3May 15, 2009

One of the best parts of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast is the way it introduces tremendously funny people to a wider audience. How many of you knew who Jackie Clarke was before this episode? Oh yeah, I forgot most of you…

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