Heather Anne Campbell

Heather Anne Campbell is an American Emmy nominated writer, sketch comedian, and improv comedy performer known for Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Saturday Night Live, and Mad TV.

Guest Appearances

Heather Anne Campbell, Our Gamer Friend

Hollywood Handbook #279February 25, 2019

HEATHER ANNE CAMPBELL helps The Boys make a video game. This episode is sponsored by The Harold Ramis Film School (www.ramisfilmschool.com or call 312-883-1241), Away (www.awaytravel.com/BOYS20 code: BOYS20) and Indochino (www.indochino.com code: HANDBOOK).


Heather Anne Campbell: Unlikely Fan

Welcome to episode six of Unlikely Fan with your host Heather Anne Campbell! It’s the podcast where Heather chats with people you wouldn’t expect to be life long video game players. Actress Meryl Streep joins her in the studio to talk about…


Ayn Rand Imagines Herself Dancing (w/ Heather Anne Campbell)

Hard Nation #19August 3, 2016

In this 1957 episode from the Hard Nation archives, author and philosopher Ayn Rand (Heather Anne Campbell) reveals her love of amphetamines and hatred of Elvis, and rewrites The Cat In The Hat as a capitalist manifesto. Plus: Mark thinks Pete is…


The Boy Next Door

Heather Anne Campbell of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Ben Siemon of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend join Paul and Jason in-studio to talk about the Jennifer Lopez erotic thriller The Boy Next Door. The wet cookie scene, the first edition of "Iliad," vacant…

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