Hillary Frank

Hillary Frank is host and creator of The Longest Shortest Time, the parenting show for everyone. She got her start in radio on This American Life with a story produced using a micro-cassette answering machine and a shiny red boombox, and she then went on to become a regular contributor to the show. Hillary’s work has aired on lots of public radio programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Studio 360, Marketplace, and Weekend America. She has also written and illustrated three young adult novels: Better Than Running at Night, I Can’t Tell You, and The View from the Top.

Host Information

The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time is a parenting show for everyone, hosted by This American Life contributor and author Hillary Frank. From sex after parenthood, to biracial kids schooling their parents on skin color, to deciding whether or not to even have kids, Frank dares to tackle the topic of family in all of its deep complexity. You can find past episodes of The Longest Shortest Time on iTunes or at www.longestshortesttime.com.

Guest Appearances

Hillary Frank, The Longest Shortest Time Host and Creator

The Wolf Den #103April 14, 2016

Hillary Frank got into radio by breaking the rules, using a boombox and an answering machine to produce a segment for This American Life. She is the host of the leading parenting podcast The Longest Shortest Time, which joined Earwolf in January…

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