Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian is a comedian and the host of the popular (and dorky) podcast The Dork Forest. Her resume is well traveled: From the Comedy Central stage where she performed her half-hour special to Kuwait and Iraq to perform for the troops. Does she have an album? Yes she has an album! It’s called It Is Never Going To Be Bread and you should get it!

Guest Appearances

Jackie Kashian, Dan Ahdoot, Steph Tolev, Neel Nanda, Molly Ruben-Long and hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

Cam and Rhea talk LeBron James, smoke bombs and Ohio. Sets from Jackie Kashian, Dan Ahdoot, Steph Tolev, Molly Ruben-Long and Neel Nanda.


Jackie Kashian

Never Not Funny #2219June 27, 2018

Playing chess with Jackie Kashian. This episode is brought to you by Beach Body On Demand, ForHims (www.forhims.com/PARDO), and Peter Millar (www.petermillar.com/PARDO).


Jackie Kashian

Crybabies #69May 25, 2017

Comedian, actor, and podcaster Jackie Kashian (The Dork Forest) joins Sarah and Susan to talk about sales pitches, the 1959 Western The Horse Soldiers, romance novels, and the 1963 film Flipper. This episode is brought to you by Le Tote (www.letote.com code:…


Rich Kid Woodstock

Who Charted? #335May 3, 2017

Comedian Jackie Kashian joins Howard and Kulap this week to discuss her new comedy album "I Am Not the Hero of This Story." They count down Spotify's Top 5 Songs in the US while Jackie explains how the election changed her feelings…


On The Spice Route

Sklarbro Country #353April 28, 2017

Comedian Jackie Kashian joins Randy and Jason this week to talk about her new album "I Am Not the Hero of This Story." She reminisces with the Sklars about "growing up" in comedy together, explains the political element of her comedy, and…


Sklarbro County 93

Fantastic standup and The Dork Forest host Jackie Kashian brings the lady energy on today's Sklarbro County! It's a big week for Jackie as her new standup special "This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux" is out for digital download on this very day.…



Nerds looking for sanctuary look no further than today’s Professor Blastoff! David apologizes for trash talking midwives and then the hosts talk about fear in a world where wild animals now rarely kill us. Then the high priestess of nerdom, Jackie Kashian,…


Let's Get Dorky!

Totally Laime #63April 17, 2011

This week, stand up comedian and queen of the podcast, JACKIE KASHIAN, took a break from making her kick ass podcast The Dork Forest  to come entertain us! We talk lesbians, online dating, sleepwalking, games, and what we would name our babies…

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