Jacob Womack

Jacob Womack is an actor/writer/director/producer and all around child. He was born in Arkansas and has lived a lot of places. Womack loves performing improv all over, where ever he can. His favorites are everywhere including: UCB, iO West, Second City, Groundlings, Crashbar, Room 101, TNT, oh the Del Close Marathon is so fun and others. He really enjoys training at the UCB and has been doing so since 2007.

Guest Appearances

Roger Clinton Is The First Brother of America (w/ Jacob Womack)

Hard Nation #82October 25, 2017

Roger Clinton (Jacob Womack), the half brother of former president Bill Clinton, already has a nosebleed when he joins Mark & Pete on Hard Nation. He spills what he learned about Paul Giamatti on the set of Fred Claus, and explains why…


Your Safety Word Is...

improv4humans #61January 3, 2013

You’ll shit your pants with laughter as Ben Siemon, Will McLaughlin, Johnny Meeks, and Jacob Womack join Matt Besser today for a special improv5humans episode! They create scenes based on stories of perfume jobs, dominatrix visits, and a New Year’s secret. Be…

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