Jacob Wysocki

Jacob Wysocki is an LA native performing weekly with Harold Team: DIRT Monthly with Maude Team: Karate Karate He is a sketch writer and performer with his youtube group Bath Boys Comedy. Jacob’s been seen in notable independent films such as Terri and Fat Kid Rules the World, Fever Pitch and horror thriller Unspoken. Jacob is a fine mist and has often been described as a ‘soft breeze.’ @jacobwysocki Jacob was formerly on Harold Team: Landlord & 8 Babies

Guest Appearances


Comedy Bang Bang #766July 17, 2022

Howard Kremer and Brett Morris of Who Charted? join Scott to talk about the early beginnings of their podcast, which is once again available for free, as well as in the brand new Chart Mart (whochartedpod.com). Then, hobbyist Hughie Chism stops by…


Twink Christ

Comedy Bang Bang #748March 13, 2022

Aquatic specialist Dr. Helma Plinkton joins Scott to talk about the Midnight Zone exhibit at her aquarium. Then, theatre owner Barry Bunbuster Barryball stops by to talk about upcoming shows at the Royal English Theatre of Dramatic British Performing Arts. Plus, small…


Rita Rasvegas

Comedy Bang Bang #720August 22, 2021

Comedian and actor Hannah Einbinder joins Scott to talk about sparkling water, her role on the HBO Max show Hacks, and Emmy nomination day. Then, Baby Boy Boy stops by to talk about being raised in a lab and doing adult things.…


Ninja Nordstrom

Comedy Bang Bang #646March 22, 2020

Sprague the Whisperer returns to try to get Scott to direct/write a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action film. Then, Mr. Nordstrom’s assistant Sabrina stops by to share some Nordstrom ground rules. Plus, Griff Hedgley the Diamond Guy drops by to…


Spinach Bitch Witch

improv4humans #435February 19, 2020

Vic Michaelis, Jacob Wysocki, Victoria Longwell, Talia Tabin, and Zac Oyama of improv team Yeti join Matt Besser for scenes about bullying a reasonable dude, telling your girlfriend she’s got spinach in her teeth, and keeping the door open while taking a…


Postal (w/ Jacob Wysocki)

Get Played #34February 9, 2020

Jacob Wysocki (I Don't Want to Talk About Fight Club Anymore, UCB) joins Nick and Heather to discuss the controversial isometric shooter, Postal. They talk about the game's shock value, the worst things in America according to Joe Lieberman, and more! This…


Bang the Gavel

Earwolf Presents #114August 11, 2019

Bang the Gavel with Tony Peter Gavel is the #1 show hosted by a disgraced small claims judge, Judge Tony Peter Gavel & his best friend, bailiff Brick Tart. Together they solve the cases other courts are too afraid too.


Ben Lee and the Pregnant Rhododendrons

improv4humans #348June 20, 2018

Special musical guest Ben Lee returns along with improvisers Danielle Schneider, Rose O’Shea, Jacob Wysocki, and Devin Field for this week’s improv4humans! Ben plays songs from his musical “B Is for Beer” that inspire scenes about a campaign to make beer more…


Ice Cream Sex Party

improv4humans #292May 25, 2017

Mookie Blaiklock, Lou Wilson, and Jacob Wysocki join Matt Besser for this week's improv4humans! They perform improvised scenes about fattening your son into a basketball player, making up new curse words to use on the schoolyard, and an Uber that gets mistaken…


Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Live Together (w/ Jacob Wysocki, D'Arcy Carden)

Private: Hard Nation #31October 26, 2016

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (Jacob Wysocki) and Green Party candidate Jill Stein (D’Arcy Carden) join Mark and Pete for a revealing candidates roundtable. Learn about important issues the two major parties won’t talk about, including soldiers, squatches, warp core technology, and the…

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