Jade Catta-Preta

Jade Catta-Preta

Jade Catta-Pretta is an actress and comedian best known for her work on MTV’s “Ladylike” and as host of “Flashback Friday” on VH1.

Guest Appearances

Jade Catta-Preta

Actress/comedienne Jade Catta-Preta sits down with guest host Samm Levine to discuss breaking into show business, cancelled TV shows, and performing stand-up in Portuguese.


Sklarbro County 225

Sklarbro Country #320.5September 13, 2016

Actress and comedian Jade Catta-Preta joins the Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk for this week's Sklarbro County. She dishes on her roasting abilities and preferred genre of mobile porn while the gang gets into stories about a Domino's delivery man who made…


Alien Disk

Who Charted? #290June 22, 2016

Actress and comedian Jade Catta-Preta joins Kulap and engineer Brett Morris for this week's episode of Who Charted! We'll listen to Soundcloud's Top 5 Songs while hearing about life in clown college and why you shouldn't smoke a chocolate chip cookie. Then,…

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