Jake Fogelnest

Jake Fogelnest is…hmmm…is King of Media too strong a title? I mean, it’s accurate! He spends his days as a DJ for Sirius XMU hosting Alt Nation. He spends his evenings performing and directing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. He spends his weekends yelling at tweens on his Stickam show. And he finds time between all that to be hilarious on Twitter, help run the “lol” tag on Tumblr, and make memes explode. So yes, King of Media is correct.

Host Information

The Fogelnest Files with Jake Fogelnest

The Fogelnest Files is a weekly podcast where Jake Fogelnest and some of his favorite comedians and funny friends revisit pop culture gems from the Internet and Jake’s personal archive. Check out http://YouTube.com/TheFogelnestFiles for video playlists from the show!

Guest Appearances

That's it. So what?

Who Charted? #250September 16, 2015

Howard and Kulap explain why groups of men in coffee shops are bullies. Then, Jake Folgelnest joins the show to discuss the first time he was ever on an Earwolf podcast, as well as why he now considers Rotten Tomatoes a credible…


Johnny's Bananas Season 4 Writer's Room

Rafflecast #30June 4, 2015

Thank god for eBay for saving Johnny’s Bananas and making it the first ever StreamBay original series! Rafflecast brings you inside the writer’s room of season 4 of the animated series Johnny’s Bananas starring Johnny “Drama” Chase & Andrew Dice Clay. Listen…


Johnny's Bananas Season 4 Writer's Room

Earwolf Presents #30June 4, 2015

Thank god for eBay for saving Johnny’s Bananas and making it the first ever StreamBay original series! Rafflecast brings you inside the writer’s room of season 4 of the animated series Johnny’s Bananas starring Johnny “Drama” Chase & Andrew Dice Clay. Listen…


The Funniest Thing Michael Stipe Ever Saw

Jake Fogelnest became a television star and cult hero at 14 years old with MTV's SQUiRT TV, attracting the attention of all of the comedy and rock stars in New York City in the 90's. Naturally, he became best friends with Horatio…


Hooray Short: The Secret Garden

The conversation continues after the Bazan has faded away. This bonus content picks up right where we leave off at the end of "The Funniest Thing Michael Stipe Ever Saw". Horatio tells the story of Toscanini's Garden at 30 Rock and Jake…


Sklarbro County 87

Sklarbro Country #182.5January 21, 2014

Host of The Fogelnest Files/professional Jake Fogelnest stops by to decipher the Richard Sherman post game rant and to once again look at one of the best videos to exist on the internet on today's Sklarbro County! Jake, the Sklar Bros, and…


Jake Fogelnest, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #11December 17, 2013

Sean and Hayes celebrate the season of Goldie Nods by talking about how much they crushed in the comedy noms department and sharing their love of the music in the Coen bros film Inside Llewyn Davis. Then, child star JAKE FOGELNEST drops…


The Native American Costume

Find out what to wear and what not to wear as Andrew Ti & Jake Fogelnest discuss appropriate & inappropriate Halloween costumes. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist at (323) 389-RACE.


Mixed Race Babies

Andrew Ti blows Jake Fogelnest’s mind as they discuss the real phenomenon of people referring to mixed race babies as being cute. Remember to not be an asshole when talking about babies and keep leaving us messages by calling (323) 389-RACE.


Japanese Culture Obsession

Jake Fogelnest is back with Andrew today to discuss white male nerds being obsessed with Japanese culture. Don’t be a creep and be sure to keep leaving us messages at (323) 389-RACE.


Homophobia In The Black Community

The illustrious and radio experienced Jake Fogelnest joins Andrew today to talk about Jason Collins, the sentiment of there being a higher percentage of homophobia in the black community, and Megan Phelps. Make sure to leave us a message about anything you…


Basketball Vs. Hockey Fans

Fellow Earwolf podcaster, Sirius XMU DJ, and all around professional Jake Fogelnest joins Andrew to discuss whether basketball fans are more violent than hockey fans. Be sure to call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask if anything is racist.


Johnny Bananas Season 3 Writer's Room

Rafflecast #22April 15, 2013

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the writers' room for the FXX animated series Johnny Bananas starring Johnny “Drama” Chase & Andrew Dice Clay? Thanks to Rafflecast now you can hear the writing process behind Season 3 of Johnny Bananas…


Damn Girl

Sean and Hayes ask listeners to help them with an upcoming Celebrity Date Auction as a gift for Hayes’ birthday, talk about Chuck & Wynona from The Amazing Race with a caller, and explain the spectacle that is Splash. Eventually, JAKE FOGELNEST…


Sklarbro Mixtape 2012

Sklarbro Country #128January 4, 2013

Rock out this week to some of the best music of 2012 as decided by The Sklar Brothers, Jonah Ray, Matt Price, and Jake Fogelnest. Jonah, Matt, Jake, and the Sklar Brothers give us their Top 3 Songs of 2012 while telling…


Wonderful Podcast Time!

Ronna & Beverly #41December 7, 2012

Jewish baby Jake Fogelnest, of The Fogelnest Files, visits Ronna & Beverly to talk about the dirty business of having a TV show as a kid, a driving test panic attack, and how much he enjoys Howard Stern. Plus, the gang discusses…


Radio Weirdos

Nocturnal Emotions #12November 28, 2012

Har Mar Superstar visits the Earwolf studios to nocturnally emote with The Fogelnest Files and Sirius XMU’s Jake Fogelnest. Jake talks about how he’s taking his transition from New York to Los Angeles, his interaction with David Krumholtz on his first day…


New York Mainstays

Comedy Bang Bang #186November 12, 2012

Fellow podcasters and first timers Julie Klausner and Jake Fogelnest are here on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Jake & Julie recall the first time they met, each describe their podcasts “The Fogelnest Files” and “How Was Your Week” respectively, and share their…


Personality Kingpin!

Totally Laime #141October 12, 2012

The Fogelnest Files and Sirius XMU's own Jake Fogelnest came by and schooled us on urinal entertainment, amusement park design, mothafuckin' PRINCE, oh yeah and god and the afterlife and some other unimportant topics… There's no wonder he's loved by throngs and…


Jaws 4: The Revenge

How Did This Get Made? #44September 4, 2012

Bipolar moms. shark senses, and bad Jamaican accents are all covered in this week’s How Did This Get Made? We welcome Jake Fogelnest to chat about a movie sequel that promises to be personal, Jaws 4: The Revenge! So be sure to…


The Fogelnest Files

Earwolf Presents #11August 20, 2012

Welcome to the first episode of The Fogelnest Files! Jake Fogelnest has scoured the Internet and his personal archives for cool stuff to show you. This first episode was recorded live at UCBEAST as part of the CBGB Festival with special guests…


Indie Cred

Who Charted? #62February 8, 2012

If you thought the Super Bowl was thrilling, than you'll lose your mind this week as Jake Fogelnest takes Comedy Credits to the next level. Everyone's favorite alternative DJ and summer camp masturbator leaves his cat and legions of tweens back in…

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