Jake Sprague

Jake Sprague is a comedian from Las Vegas NV. He is also a big Hollywood star that people really seem to love and adore. He started his training at the UCB theater in 2012 and has had the privilege of studying under many amazing comedians such as Alex Berg, Betsy Sodaro, Ben Siemon, Mano Agapion, Billy Merritt, Todd Fasen, Nick Mandernach, Gilli Nissim and a ton of others that are equally awesome.

Guest Appearances

Matt Besser's Thunderdome: Redbox vs. Criterion Collective 

Earwolf Presents #92May 11, 2018

Welcome to Matt Besser’s Thunderdome, a brand new competitive improv podcast. Each team of six improvisers will do their best improv set using the storied Movie format. Two teams enter...but only one team can take the glory. You can determine who moves…


Not Without My Gun/Love After Death

improv4humans #319November 30, 2017

Sarah Claspell, Kimia Behpoornia, Devin Field, Travis Coles, Jake Sprague, and Kristen Studard join Matt Besser for a special i7h Movie Form episode! First, we visit a nail-focused survivors collective, parents that don’t want their child to know it’s the zombie apocalypse, and…

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